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포스터 제목 연도 장르 키워드 IMDB ID
poster Raya and the Last Dragon 2021 Animation, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy ['warrior', 'cgi-animation', 'female-warrior', 'female-protagonist', 'dragon'] tt5109280
poster Mulan 2020 Action, Adventure, Drama, Family, Fantasy ['remake', 'assassin', 'warrior', 'sword', 'china'] tt4566758
poster Emma. 2020 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['regency', 'matchmaker', 'nineteenth-century', 'female-protagonist', 'male-objectification'] tt9214832
poster The Roads Not Taken 2020 Drama ['dementia', 'father-daughter-relationship', 'life'] tt9411866
poster The Photograph 2020 Drama, Romance ['mother-daughter-relationship', 'safe-deposit-box', 'photographer', 'learning-from-the-past', 'single-woman'] tt7798646
poster Relic 2020 Drama, Horror, Mystery, Thriller ['dementia', 'mother-daughter-relationship', 'horror-directed-by-woman', 'grandmother-granddaughter-relationship', 'old-house'] tt9072352
poster Birds of Prey 2020 Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime ['harley-quinn-character', 'police', 'hyena', 'chase', 'roller-derby'] tt7713068
poster Wonder Woman 1984 2020 Action, Adventure, Fantasy ['sequel', 'superhero', 'dc-extended-universe', '1980s', 'desert'] tt7126948
poster The Bay of Silence 2020 Thriller ['male-full-frontal-nudity', 'male-frontal-nudity', 'wife', 'pubic-hair', 'male-pubic-hair'] tt5617312
poster The Rhythm Section 2020 Action, Drama, Mystery, Thriller ['revenge', 'female-assassin', 'terrorism', 'female-protagonist', 'sex-scene'] tt7134096
poster Summerland 2020 Drama, Romance, War ['love', 'lesbian', 'world-war-two', 'evacuee', 'lesbianism'] tt6841122
poster Little Women 2019 Drama, Romance ['aspiring-writer', 'poverty', "women's-rights", 'death-of-sister', 'mother-daughter-relationship'] tt3281548
poster Frankie 2019 Drama, Romance ['character-name-as-title', 'one-word-title', 'female-protagonist', 'singing', 'swimming-pool'] tt8019694
poster Miss Bala 2019 Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller ['remake', 'bare-midriff', 'gun', 'beauty-pageant', 'brunette'] tt5941692
poster Britt-Marie Was Here 2019 Comedy, Drama, Sport ['eastern-europe', 'reference-to-liverpool-fc', 'reference-to-manchester-united', 'female-soccer-coach', 'car-accident'] tt8103160
poster A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood 2019 Biography, Drama ['journalist', 'television-host', 'fred-rogers-character', 'based-on-real-person', 'father-son-relationship'] tt3224458
poster Mickey and the Bear 2019 Drama ['addiction', 'war-veteran', 'teenager', 'caregiver', 'father-daughter-relationship'] tt9614440
poster Buffaloed 2019 Comedy, Drama ['clogged-toilet', 'transition', 'woman-on-toilet', 'interracial', 'interracial-sex'] tt8647310
poster Breakthrough 2019 Biography, Drama ['one-word-title', 'basketball', 'church', 'religious', 'winter'] tt7083526
poster Portrait of a Lady on Fire 2019 Drama, Romance ['lesbian-relationship', 'portrait-painting', 'arranged-marriage', 'portrait', 'female-painter'] tt8613070
poster Total Dhamaal 2019 Action, Adventure, Comedy ['chase'] tt7639372
poster Honey Boy 2019 Drama ['father-son-relationship', 'written-by-star', 'alcoholic', 'pie-in-the-face', 'pie-fight'] tt8151874
poster The Other Lamb 2019 Drama, Horror ['religious-cult', 'religious-leader', 'title-directed-by-female', 'horror-directed-by-woman', 'coming-of-age'] tt7737734
poster The Wonderland 2019 Animation, Adventure, Family, Fantasy ['alchemist', 'turned-into-an-animal', 'turned-into-a-fly', 'girl', 'brunette-female'] tt9563632
poster A Dog's Journey 2019 Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Family, Fantasy ['sequel', 'second-part', 'animal-in-title', 'apostrophe-in-title', 'punctuation-in-title'] tt8385474
poster First Cow 2019 Drama, Western ['milking-a-cow', 'cow', 'cook', 'shack', 'friendship-between-men'] tt9231040
poster Late Night 2019 Comedy, Drama ['f-rated', 'fictional-television-talk-show-host', 'television-writer', 'fictional-tv-show', 'fictional-late-night-tv-show'] tt6107548
poster The Warrior Queen of Jhansi 2019 Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, War ['india', 'queen-victoria', 'nineteenth-century', 'east-india-company', 'based-on-true-story'] tt6916348
poster The Ground Beneath My Feet 2019 Drama ['male-frontal-nudity', 'male-nudity', 'lesbian', 'gay-interest', 'mental-health'] tt7902124
poster The Mustang 2019 Drama ['prison', 'horse', 'title-directed-by-female', 'mustang-the-horse', 'wild-mustang'] tt5952594
poster Captain Marvel 2019 Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi ['cat', 'super-powers', 'supernatural-power', 'based-on-comic', 'superhero'] tt4154664
poster Poms 2019 Comedy, Drama, Sport ['cheer-squad', 'one-word-title', 'youtube-video', 'believe-in-yourself', 'never-give-up'] tt5125894
poster Booksmart 2019 Comedy ['awkward-flirting', 'last-day-of-school', 'night-on-the-town', 'female-protagonist', 'teen-comedy'] tt1489887
poster The Kindness of Strangers 2019 Drama ['russian-restaurant', 'ensemble-cast', 'written-and-directed-by-female', 'physically-abusive-husband', 'husband-wife-relationship'] tt6515910
poster The Souvenir 2019 Drama, Mystery, Romance ['1980s', 'film-student', 'male-nudity', 'student', 'student-as-protagonist'] tt6920356
poster Black Christmas 2019 Horror, Mystery, Thriller ['christmas-horror', 'slasher', 'misogyny', 'stalker', 'victim-fights-back'] tt10481868
poster Disappearance at Clifton Hill 2019 Drama, Mystery, Thriller ['female-protagonist'] tt5919756
poster Little 2019 Comedy, Fantasy, Romance ['body-transformation', 'peer-pressure', 'middle-school', '13-year-old', '38-year-old'] tt8085790
poster Little Joe 2019 Drama, Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi ['dog-attack', 'dark-satire', 'putting-down-a-dog', 'female-protagonist', 'flower'] tt9204204
poster Fagara 2019 Comedy, Drama [''] tt10551420
poster Body at Brighton Rock 2019 Horror, Mystery, Thriller ['night'] tt7942746
poster I Was at Home, But... 2019 Drama ['f-rated', 'disappearance'] tt7760890
poster The Assistant 2019 Drama ['girl', 'receptionist', 'title-directed-by-female', 'one-day-timespan', 'abuse'] tt9000224
poster The Sky Is Pink 2019 Drama, Romance ['love'] tt8902990
poster Gully Boy 2019 Drama, Music, Romance ['rapper', 'singer', 'success', 'love', 'friendship'] tt2395469
poster The Sun Is also a Star 2019 Drama, Music, Romance ['metro', 'train-station', 'subway-station', 'new-york-city', 'based-on-book'] tt6423362
poster A Brother's Love 2019 Drama ['life'] tt10155342
poster Hustlers 2019 Comedy, Crime, Drama ['female-nudity', 'materialism', 'misandry', 'strip-club', 'hypocrisy'] tt5503686
poster Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase 2019 Comedy, Crime, Drama, Family, Mystery ['girl-detective', 'sleuth', 'small-town', 'father-daughter-relationship', 'nancy-drew-character'] tt8323104
poster Babyteeth 2019 Comedy, Drama, Music, Romance ['pills', 'dog', 'teenage-girl-loses-her-hair', 'teenage-girl-wears-a-wig', 'hospital'] tt8399664
poster Lucky Grandma 2019 Comedy, Drama ['gang'] tt10011336
poster The Kitchen 2019 Action, Crime, Drama ['shot-to-death', 'based-on-graphic-novel', 'armed-robbery', 'punching-a-federal-agent', 'year-1978'] tt5822564
poster Abominable 2019 Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy ['yeti', 'abominable-snowman', 'rooftop', 'mount-everest', 'cgi-animation'] tt6324278
poster Nancy 2018 Drama, Mystery ['missing-child', 'dna-test', 'mother-daughter-relationship', 'fake-pregnancy', 'hunting-accident'] tt6509058
poster Slut in a Good Way 2018 Comedy ['title-directed-by-female', 'f-rated', 'triple-f-rated', 'friendship', 'friendship-between-girls'] tt7740284
poster High Life 2018 Adventure, Drama, Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller ['baby', 'gardening', 'astronaut', 'outer-space', 'black-hole'] tt4827558
poster Rafiki 2018 Drama, Romance ['title-directed-by-female', 'one-word-title', 'f-rated', 'kenya', 'lesbian'] tt8286894
poster Vita & Virginia 2018 Biography, Drama, Romance ['lesbian-interest', 'lesbian-sex', 'lesbian-affair', 'husband-wife-relationship', 'england'] tt5859882
poster Destroyer 2018 Action, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller ['female-police-detective', 'undercover-cop', 'bank-robbery', 'revenge', 'title-directed-by-female'] tt7137380
poster Silencio 2018 Drama, Mystery, Thriller ['power'] tt7471884
poster Summer of '67 2018 Drama, History, Romance ['period-drama', 'historical-romance', 'faith', 'veterans', 'death'] tt6536668
poster The Darkest Minds 2018 Action, Adventure, Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi, Thriller ['supernatural-power', 'super-power', 'super-powers', 'telekinesis', 'mind-control'] tt4073790
poster Patrick the Pug 2018 Comedy, Family, Romance ['dog', 'pug', 'grandmother-granddaughter-relationship', 'patrick-the-dog-character', 'death-of-grandmother'] tt6542108
poster Where Hands Touch 2018 Drama, Romance, War ['multi-racial', 'nazi-germany', 'racism', 'romeo-and-juliet-plot', 'title-directed-by-female'] tt1235187
poster A Simple Wedding 2018 Comedy, Romance ['protest', 'culture-clash', 'bi-sexual-man', 'persian-woman', 'mother-daughter-relationship'] tt6328242
poster Daughter of Mine 2018 Drama ['singing-in-a-car', 'singing-along-with-radio', 'mother-daughter-relationship', 'mother-daughter-hug', 'mother-daughter-conflict'] tt7765120
poster Fast Color 2018 Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller ['non-comic-book-superhero', 'superhuman', 'two-word-title', 'recovering-drug-addict', 'drought'] tt6418778
poster I Feel Pretty 2018 Comedy, Romance ['confidence', 'woman-wears-a-miniskirt', 'body-positive', 'delusional-woman', 'delusion'] tt6791096
poster Skate Kitchen 2018 Drama ['mother-daughter-relationship', 'skateboarding', 'platonic-relationship', 'homelessness', 'jealousy'] tt7545566
poster Elliot the Littlest Reindeer 2018 Animation, Family ['horse'] tt4177856
poster Second Act 2018 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['boyfriend-girlfriend-relationship', 'vertigo', 'two-word-title', 'number-in-title', 'adopted-daughter'] tt2126357
poster Social Animals 2018 Comedy ['singing-in-a-car', 'two-word-title', 'husband-wife-relationship', 'strained-marriage', 'austin-texas'] tt5639898
poster Her Smell 2018 Drama, Music ['quarrel', 'absent-mother', 'recording-studio', 'sobriety', 'backstage'] tt7942742
poster Book Club 2018 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['reference-to-fifty-shades-of-grey', 'book-club', 'reference-to-fifty-shades-darker', 'reference-to-fifty-shades-freed', 'erection'] tt6857166
poster Girls of the Sun 2018 Drama, War ['isis', 'fighting-women', 'extremist', 'kurdish', 'women-fighters'] tt6704880
poster Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms 2018 Animation, Adventure, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Romance ['mother-son-relationship', 'teenager', 'longevity', 'orphan', 'weaving'] tt7339826
poster The Texture of Falling 2018 Drama ['portland-oregon', 'arthouse', 'jungian', 'neo-surrealism', 'puzzles'] tt4631048
poster Madeline's Madeline 2018 Drama, Mystery, Thriller ['rehearsal', 'mental-illness', 'character-name-in-title', 'experimental-theater', 'role-playing'] tt6101602
poster Lobster Cop 2018 Comedy, Crime ['chinaman', 'police', 'fuzz', 'pig', 'bacon'] tt8489090
poster Capernaum 2018 Drama ['prison', 'baby', 'poverty', 'breast-feeding', 'boy'] tt8267604
poster In Safe Hands 2018 Drama, Family ['written-by-director', 'title-directed-by-female', 'f-rated', 'triple-f-rated', 'adoption'] tt7543930
poster Mapplethorpe 2018 Biography, Drama ['male-frontal-nudity', 'male-rear-nudity', 'male-nudity', 'gay-interest', 'gay-photographer'] tt1389098
poster Viper Club 2018 Drama ['mother'] tt6388074
poster Too Late to Die Young 2018 Drama ['f-rated', 'title-directed-by-female', 'written-by-director', 'dog', 'fire'] tt8726098
poster Never Goin' Back 2018 Comedy, Crime, Drama ['title-directed-by-female', 'barefeet'] tt7690016
poster The Third Wife 2018 Drama ['landowner', 'fourteen-year-old', 'teenager', 'vietnam', 'third-wife'] tt7692966
poster All About Nina 2018 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['affair', 'indie-movie', 'name-in-title', 'stand-up-comedian', 'female-protagonist'] tt7542576
poster Summer '03 2018 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['coming-of-age', 'year-2003', 'two-word-title', 'apostrophe-in-title', 'bicycle'] tt7284204
poster Liz and the Blue Bird 2018 Animation, Drama, Fantasy, Music ['bird', 'spin-off', 'coming-of-age', 'friendship', 'book'] tt7089878
poster Touch Me Not 2018 Drama ['group-therapy', 'sexual-liberation', 'avant-garde', 'interrotron', 'research'] tt4949112
poster State Like Sleep 2018 Drama ['neo-noir', 'death-of-husband', 'suicide-of-husband', 'husband-wife-relationship', 'suicide'] tt3628574
poster Little Woods 2018 Crime, Drama, Western ['two-sisters', 'f-rated', 'boomtown', 'north-dakota', 'female-protagonist'] tt6418918
poster Charlie Says 2018 Biography, Crime, Drama ['female-nudity', 'sex-scene', 'public-nudity', 'barefoot-woman', 'violence'] tt1759744
poster The Nightingale 2018 Adventure, Drama, Horror, Thriller ['rape', '19th-century', 'murder', 'revenge', 'female-protagonist'] tt4068576
poster Leave No Trace 2018 Adventure, Drama ['father-daughter-relationship', 'post-traumatic-stress-disorder', 'veteran', 'forest', 'sleeping-outdoors'] tt3892172
poster Can You Ever Forgive Me? 2018 Biography, Comedy, Crime, Drama ['publisher', 'deception', 'fraud', 'forgery', 'cat'] tt4595882
poster The Miseducation of Cameron Post 2018 Drama ['1990s', 'lesbian-sex', 'teenager', 'religion', 'homophobia'] tt6257174
poster The Wind 2018 Horror, Mystery, Thriller, Western ['horror-western', 'folk-horror', 'isolation', 'demon', 'paranoia'] tt8426594
poster Becoming Astrid 2018 Biography, Drama ['coming-of-age', 'pregnancy', '1920s', '1930s', '1980s'] tt6433456
poster Being Frank 2018 Comedy ['father'] tt6547044
poster On the Basis of Sex 2018 Biography, Drama ['misogyny', "women's-rights", 'equality', 'cancer', 'based-on-true-story'] tt4669788
poster Family 2018 Comedy ['juggalo', 'aunt', 'bullying', 'karate', 'coffee'] tt6268882
poster 10x10 2018 Drama, Thriller ['captive', 'locked-in', 'tape-over-mouth', 'atlanta-georgia', 'co-written-by-actor'] tt6210996
poster Little Women 2018 Drama, Family ['sister-sister-relationship', 'family-relationships', 'death-of-sister', 'wedding', 'twins'] tt6495094
poster Furlough 2018 Comedy, Drama ['mother'] tt5291792
poster Wild Nights with Emily 2018 Comedy, History ['writer', 'lesbian-relationship', 'female-poet', 'voice-over', 'subtitles'] tt5176580
poster Girls vs Gangsters 2018 Comedy, Drama [''] tt7870578
poster What They Had 2018 Drama ["alzheimer's-disease", 'mother-daughter-relationship', 'snow', 'blizzard', 'title-directed-by-female'] tt6662736
poster Forever My Girl 2018 Drama, Music, Romance ['country-singer', 'wedding-day', 'father-son-relationship', 'playing-guitar', 'father-daughter-relationship'] tt4103724
poster A Wrinkle in Time 2018 Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Sci-Fi ['based-on-novel', 'space-time', 'child-prodigy', 'scientist', 'teenager'] tt1620680
poster Berlin Syndrome 2017 Drama, Horror, Mystery, Thriller ['teacher', 'tourist', 'berlin-germany', 'woman-held-captive', 'attempted-escape'] tt3335606
poster Novitiate 2017 Drama ['nun', 'catholicism', 'lesbian', 'vatican-two', 'year-1954'] tt4513316
poster Dark River 2017 Drama, Mystery, Thriller ['brother-sister-relationship', 'farm', 'rural-setting', 'haunted-by-the-past', 'yorkshire'] tt5700176
poster Zama 2017 Drama, History ['argentina', 'spanish-colonial', 'magistrate', 'governor', 'colonial'] tt3409848
poster Ava 2017 Drama ['character-name-as-title', 'one-word-title', 'forename-as-title'] tt7259986
poster What Will People Say 2017 Drama ['written-by-director', 'pakistani', 'pakistani-immigrant', 'immigrant', 'pakistani-culture'] tt7213936
poster The Breadwinner 2017 Animation, Drama, Family, War ['gender-disguise', 'afghanistan', 'prison', 'taliban', 'arranged-marriage'] tt3901826
poster Mary Shelley 2017 Biography, Drama, History, Romance ['thunderstorm', 'stormy-night', 'debt', 'death-of-daughter', 'death-of-baby'] tt3906082
poster Permanent 2017 Comedy ['teenage-girl', 'year-1982', 'small-town', 'awkwardness', 'hairstyle'] tt5933560
poster The Zookeeper's Wife 2017 Biography, Drama, History, War ['zoo', 'polish-german-relations', 'shooting-an-animal', 'hiding-place', 'strong-female-protagonist'] tt1730768
poster The Beguiled 2017 Drama, Thriller, War ['wounded-soldier', 'union-soldier', 'american-civil-war', 'amputee', 'sexual-tension'] tt5592248
poster Professor Marston & the Wonder Women 2017 Biography, Drama, History ['reference-to-wonder-woman', 'sadomasochism', 'college-professor', 'bondage', 'threesome'] tt6133130
poster The Boy Downstairs 2017 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['f-rated', 'triple-f-rated'] tt5096846
poster The Party 2017 Comedy, Drama ['lavatory', 'drug-use', 'gun', 'terminal-illness', 'dying'] tt5814592
poster Outside In 2017 Drama ['title-directed-by-female', 'title-co-written-by-female', 'two-word-title', 'ex-con', '38-year-old'] tt7260048
poster Little Pink House 2017 Drama ['f-rated', 'based-on-book'] tt3863632
poster Badsville 2017 Action, Drama, Romance ['greaser', 'nudity', 'bromance', 'leaving-home', 'rumble'] tt4843618
poster Keep the Change 2017 Comedy, Romance ['autism', 'autistic', 'autistic-man', 'autistic-woman', 'learning-disability'] tt4967220
poster Revenge 2017 Action, Horror, Thriller ['violence', 'rear-nudity', 'revenge', 'rape-and-revenge', 'male-rear-nudity'] tt6738136
poster Kings 2017 Crime, Drama, Romance, Thriller ['written-by-director', 'one-word-title', 'stealing', 'shoplifting', "shot-in-the-back-of-one's-head"] tt5843850
poster Snatched 2017 Action, Adventure, Comedy ['bare-breasts', 'kidnapping', 'bikini', 'female-frontal-nudity', 'porn-magazine'] tt2334871
poster Nico, 1988 2017 Biography, Drama, Music ['year-1986', 'year-1987', 'what-happened-to-epilogue', 'rome-italy', 'prague-czechoslovakia'] tt7186092
poster Svanurinn 2017 Drama ['birth-of-calf', 'abortion', 'calving', 'male-rear-nudity', 'swan'] tt5764816
poster Vazante 2017 Adventure, Drama ['f-rated'] tt4673790
poster Everybody Loves Somebody 2017 Comedy, Romance ['lingerie', 'taking-a-shower', 'bra', 'black-panties', 'panties'] tt5537228
poster Lemon 2017 Comedy, Drama ['hair', 'masturbation', 'asking-someone-to-dance', 'dating', 'birdcage'] tt5973364
poster Home Again 2017 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['lbd', 'milf', 'little-black-dress', 'older-woman-younger-man-sex', 'dog'] tt5719700
poster Pitch Perfect 3 2017 Comedy, Music ['fat-woman', 'kidnapping', 'father-daughter-relationship', 'father-daughter-conflict', 'american-abroad'] tt4765284
poster Signature Move 2017 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['indie-movie', 'two-word-title', 'pakistani', 'mexican', 'lesbian'] tt5328952
poster Beach Rats 2017 Drama ['male-frontal-nudity', 'coming-out', 'gay-kiss', 'gay-sex', 'gay-character'] tt6303866
poster The Divine Order 2017 Comedy, Drama ['triple-f-rated', 'feminism', 'f-rated', 'year-1971', 'written-by-director'] tt5818818
poster Summer 1993 2017 Adventure, Drama, Family ['mother-daughter-relationship', 'orphan', 'loss', 'childhood-trauma', 'family-relationships'] tt5897636
poster Unforgettable 2017 Drama, Thriller ['female-sociopath', 'mentally-unstable', 'ex-husband-ex-wife-relationship', 'oral-sex', 'female-rear-nudity'] tt3462710
poster The Bookshop 2017 Drama ['bookshop', 'literature', '1950s', 'independent-woman', 'based-on-novel'] tt3127022
poster Lady Bird 2017 Comedy, Drama ['mother-daughter-relationship', 'sacramento-california', 'coming-of-age', 'female-protagonist', 'teenage-girl'] tt4925292
poster Western 2017 Drama ['construction', 'language-barrier', 'horse', 'quarry', 'stream'] tt5157326
poster Golden Exits 2017 Drama ['indie-movie', 'two-word-title', 'plural-in-title', 'husband-wife-relationship', 'australian'] tt5687814
poster I Am Not a Witch 2017 Comedy, Drama ['witch', 'africa', 'little-girl', 'police', 'bathtub'] tt6213284
poster Our Time Will Come 2017 Drama, War ['school'] tt7075594
poster The Rider 2017 Drama, Western ['autism', 'cowboy', 'riding-accident', 'head-injury', 'life-changing-injury'] tt6217608
poster The Outcasts 2017 Comedy ['revenge'] tt2597760
poster Division 19 2017 Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller ['near-future', 'dystopia', 'surveillance-state', 'prisoners-as-entertainment', 'fugitive'] tt2492344
poster Pop Aye 2017 Drama ['elephant', 'husband-wife-relationship', 'animal-in-title', 'human-elephant-relationship', 'male-female-relationship'] tt3740066
poster On Body and Soul 2017 Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance ['suicide-attempt', 'bare-breasts', 'female-nudity', 'sex-scene', 'autism'] tt5607714
poster Trust Fund 2016 Drama ['mother'] tt3969208
poster Glory 2016 Drama ['f-rated', 'title-spoken-by-character', 'title-directed-by-female', 'european-union-flag', 'bulgaria'] tt5937296
poster Like Crazy 2016 Comedy, Drama ['escape', 'psychiatric-facility', 'mother-son-reunion', 'tattoo', 'mentally-disturbed-person'] tt4621872
poster The Tiger Hunter 2016 Comedy ['hare-krishna', 'white-briefs', 'briefs', 'male-underwear', 'tighty-whities'] tt3853830
poster Marie Curie: The Courage of Knowledge 2016 Biography, Drama, Romance ['bath', 'full-frontal-female-nudity', 'female-nudity', 'f-rated', 'triple-f-rated'] tt5705058
poster A Woman, a Part 2016 Drama ['actress', 'new-york', 'friend', 'one-night-stand', 'grudge'] tt4637878
poster Brave New Jersey 2016 Comedy, History ['war-of-the-worlds-broadcast', 'reference-to-the-war-of-the-worlds-the-radio-play'] tt4660172
poster Sophie and the Rising Sun 2016 Drama ['title-directed-by-female', 'interracial-friendship', 'male-female-relationship', 'painter', 'gardener'] tt4532818
poster Equity 2016 Drama ['sexism', 'female-boxer', 'boxing-gloves', 'punching-bag', 'personal-trainer'] tt3958780
poster Remember You 2016 Drama, Mystery, Romance ['missing-person', 'lawyer', 'amnesia', 'grief', 'car-accident'] tt5576174
poster Toni Erdmann 2016 Comedy, Drama ['father-daughter-relationship', 'father-daughter-conflict', 'ambitious-woman', 'estranged-daughter', 'practical-joke'] tt4048272
poster Nelly 2016 Biography, Drama ['female-sexuality', 'depression', 'high-class-prostitute', 'assault', 'jumping-to-death'] tt5326364
poster Carrie Pilby 2016 Comedy, Drama ['geek', 'musician', 'therapy', 'goldfish', 'strong-female-lead'] tt2989524
poster The Wedding Plan 2016 Comedy, Romance ['orthodox-jew', 'title-directed-by-female', 'microvan', 'israel', 'wanting-to-marry'] tt5991206
poster The Levelling 2016 Drama ['f-rated', 'triple-f-rated'] tt5158522
poster Underworld: Blood Wars 2016 Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi ['vampire', 'sequel', 'female-vampire', 'strong-female-lead', 'feature-film-directorial-debut'] tt3717252
poster From the Land of the Moon 2016 Drama, Romance ['post-world-war-two', 'reference-to-wuthering-heights-the-novel', 'unrequited-love', 'cigarette-smoking', 'pubic-hair'] tt3794028
poster In Between 2016 Drama ['closeted-lesbian', 'muslim', 'religion', 'tel-aviv-israel', 'israeli'] tt5974388
poster Queen of Katwe 2016 Biography, Drama, Sport ['chess-tournament', 'uganda', 'kampala', 'based-on-true-story', 'poverty'] tt4341582
poster Maudie 2016 Biography, Drama, Romance ['housekeeper', 'aunt-niece-relationship', 'killing-a-chicken', 'shack', 'snow'] tt3721954
poster The Innocents 2016 Drama, History ['soviet-soldier', 'poland', 'rape-of-a-nun', 'soviet-occupation-of-poland', 'soviet-army'] tt4370784
poster Like for Likes 2016 Comedy, Romance ['f-rated'] tt5358570
poster Money Monster 2016 Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller ['fictional-tv-network', 'money', 'hostage', 'death', 'shot-in-the-heart'] tt2241351
poster Buster's Mal Heart 2016 Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller ['male-rear-nudity', 'male-nudity', 'fugitive', 'bath', 'shower'] tt5173032
poster American Honey 2016 Adventure, Drama, Romance ['road-movie', 'jealousy', 'truck-stop', 'runaway', 'road-trip'] tt3721936
poster The Love Witch 2016 Comedy, Horror, Romance, Thriller ['burlesque', 'male-frontal-nudity', 'female-full-frontal-nudity', 'magic', 'love'] tt3908142
poster The Intervention 2016 Comedy, Drama ['sex-scene', 'lesbian', 'lesbianism', 'lesbian-couple', 'bi-curious-woman'] tt4872078
poster The Bad Batch 2016 Action, Horror, Mystery, Romance, Sci-Fi ['cannibal', 'dystopia', 'muscleman', 'title-directed-by-female', 'title-written-by-female'] tt4334266
poster Caged No More 2016 Action, Drama, Thriller ['louisiana', 'drug-overdose', 'white-slavery', 'sex-trafficking', 'human-trafficking'] tt4104354
poster White Girl 2016 Crime, Drama ['sex-scene', 'sex-in-missionary-position', 'reverse-cowgirl-sex-position', 'oral-sex-in-bar', 'sex-with-boss'] tt4129870
poster The Edge of Seventeen 2016 Comedy, Drama ['adolescence', 'coming-of-age-film', 'scantily-clad-female', 'panties', 'white-panties'] tt1878870
poster Miss Stevens 2016 Comedy, Drama ['competition', 'teacher', 'road-trip', 'two-word-title', 'monologue'] tt2693580
poster Sanam Teri Kasam 2016 Drama, Musical, Romance ['father-son-relationship', 'love', 'family-relationships', 'friendship', 'police'] tt5255710
poster Dear Zindagi 2016 Drama, Romance ['title-directed-by-female', 'female-cinematographer', 'coming-of-age', 'psychologist', 'cinematographer'] tt5946128
poster Cezanne et Moi 2016 Biography, Drama ['emile-zola', 'painter', 'friendship', 'writer', 'artist'] tt5078354
poster Lou Andreas-Salomé, The Audacity to be Free 2016 Biography, Drama, History, Romance ['f-rated', 'title-directed-by-female', 'sex-scene', 'topless-female-nudity', 'female-nudity'] tt4976588
poster Polina, danser sa vie 2016 Drama ['wound', 'woman-wearing-a-skirt', 'woman-wearing-a-short-skirt', 'woman-wearing-a-miniskirt', 'pretty-legs'] tt4383288
poster Raw 2016 Drama, Fantasy, Horror ['cannibalism', 'initiation-rite', 'sister-sister-relationship', 'eating-raw-meat', 'veterinary-student'] tt4954522
poster A Silent Voice: The Movie 2016 Animation, Drama, Family, Romance ['fireworks', 'deaf-girl', 'short-skirt', 'bully', 'bullying'] tt5323662
poster Bridget Jones's Baby 2016 Comedy, Drama, Romance ["pregnant-woman-doesn't-know-who-the-father-is", 'love-triangle', 'fatherhood', 'motherhood', 'diary'] tt1473832
poster Miracles from Heaven 2016 Biography, Drama, Family ['christian', 'hospital', 'prayer', 'aquarium', 'terminal-illness'] tt4257926
poster My Best Friend's Wedding 2016 Comedy, Romance ['wedding', 'remake', 'chinese-remake', 'chinese-remake-of-american-film', 'remake-of-american-film'] tt5275314
poster What Happened Last Night 2016 Comedy ['f-rated', 'college', 'greek'] tt5028822
poster Always Shine 2016 Drama, Horror, Mystery, Thriller ['concealed-nudity', 'casting-couch', 'title-directed-by-female', 'jealousy', 'best-friends'] tt4392770
poster Things to Come 2016 Drama ['philosophy-teacher', 'reference-to-slavoj-zizek', 'strong-female-character', 'strong-female-lead', 'infidelity'] tt4120176
poster Don't Call Me Son 2016 Drama ['gender', 'bisexual', 'gay-kiss', 'transvestism', 'transgender'] tt5452964
poster Dalida 2016 Biography, Drama, Music ['paris-france', 'character-name-as-title', 'france', '1950s', '1960s'] tt5039860
poster Baden Baden 2016 Comedy, Drama ['singing-in-a-car', 'city-name-in-title', 'bare-chested-man', 'man-wears-an-undershirt', 'sex-in-a-shower'] tt4216890
poster Certain Women 2016 Drama ['triptych', 'bare-breasts', 'lawyer-client-relationship', 'lesbian-crush', 'lesbian'] tt4468634
poster Songs My Brothers Taught Me 2015 Drama ['car-set-on-fire', 'fire', 'rodeo', 'horse', 'brother-sister-relationship'] tt3566788
poster Into the Forest 2015 Drama, Thriller ['death-of-father', 'survival', 'post-apocalypse', 'rape', 'power-outage'] tt2625810
poster Hot Pursuit 2015 Action, Comedy, Crime ['fugitive', 'drug-cartel', 'danger', 'female-police-officer', 'police-radio'] tt2967224
poster The Summer of Sangaile 2015 Drama, Romance ['female-nudity', 'lesbian-love', 'lesbian-kiss', 'lesbian-sex', 'lesbian-interest'] tt2994832
poster Summertime 2015 Drama, Romance ['lesbian', 'female-rear-nudity', 'female-full-frontal-nudity', 'year-1971', 'farmer'] tt4080768
poster Strangerland 2015 Drama, Mystery, Thriller ['australia', 'calling-someone-a-pain-in-the-ass', 'pharmacist', 'drugstore', 'tattoo'] tt2325977
poster Queen of Earth 2015 Drama, Mystery, Thriller ['promise', 'man-wears-sunglasses', 'female-female-embrace', 'tears', 'hysterical-laughter'] tt3993894
poster Fifty Shades of Grey 2015 Drama, Romance, Thriller ['female-nudity', 'female-frontal-nudity', 'spanking', 'sex-scene', 'bare-breasts'] tt2322441
poster The Second Mother 2015 Comedy, Drama ['brazilian', 'brazil', 'portuguese-language', 'female-protagonist', 'mother-son-relationship'] tt3742378
poster Unexpected 2015 Comedy, Drama ['scene-during-opening-credits', 'stocking-cap', 'chicago-illinois', 'listening-to-a-car-radio', 'metal-detector'] tt4145304
poster Pitch Perfect 2 2015 Comedy, Music ['f-rated', 'sequel', 'a-cappella', 'reference-to-philippines', 'triple-f-rated'] tt2848292
poster McFarland, USA 2015 Biography, Drama, Sport ['coach', 'hispanic', 'state-championship', 'cross-country-running', 'running'] tt2097298
poster The Invitation 2015 Drama, Mystery, Thriller ['dinner-party', 'old-friend', 'suicide', 'death-cult', 'shooting'] tt2400463
poster Sleeping with Other People 2015 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['doggystyle-sex', 'reverse-cowgirl-sex-position', 'multiple-sex-positions', 'lingerie-store', 'sex-on-a-desk'] tt3165612
poster The Intern 2015 Comedy, Drama ['website', 'office', 'reference-to-jack-nicholson', 'reference-to-george-clooney', 'reference-to-ben-affleck'] tt2361509
poster The Adderall Diaries 2015 Crime, Drama, Thriller ['three-word-title', 'written-by-director', 'title-directed-by-female', 'home-movie', 'younger-version-of-character'] tt1735907
poster Standing Tall 2015 Drama ['judge', 'delinquent', 'magistrate', 'juvenile-delinquency', 'teenage-boy'] tt3791302
poster The Lure 2015 Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Musical, Thriller ['love-triangle', 'mermaid', 'sister-sister-relationship', 'bisexual', 'vampiric'] tt5278832
poster Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong 2015 Comedy, Romance ['cityscape', 'hong-kong', 'attraction', 'chinese', 'city'] tt3700804
poster Southbound 2015 Horror ['desert', 'highway', 'anthology', 'masked-killer', 'head-blown-off'] tt4935334
poster The 33 2015 Biography, Drama, History ['survival', 'rescue', 'latin-america', 'street-vendor', 'working-class'] tt2006295
poster Girl Asleep 2015 Comedy, Family, Fantasy ['australian-fantasy', 'coming-of-age', 'birthday-party', 'birthday', '14-year-old'] tt3955894
poster The Fits 2015 Drama, Music ['f-rated', 'basketball', 'measuring-someone', 'weight-scales', 'bare-chested-male'] tt4238858
poster Évolution 2015 Drama, Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi ['nurse', 'sea', 'pregnant-boy', 'giving-birth', 'swimming-underwater'] tt4291590
poster Sworn Virgin 2015 Drama ['bare-breasts', 'synchronised-swimming', 'sexuality', 'bathroom', 'gender'] tt3646344
poster Mustang 2015 Drama ['pretending-to-swim', 'istanbul-turkey', 'forced-wedding', 'virginity', 'teenage-girl'] tt3966404
poster Sweet Bean 2015 Drama ['old-age', 'pub', 'small-business', 'street-vendor', 'teenage-girl'] tt4298958
poster Jasmine 2015 Thriller [''] tt1646972
poster The Girl in the Book 2015 Drama ['overbearing-father', 'ignored-by-parents', 'sexual-harassment', 'aspiring-writer', 'five-word-title'] tt2980554
poster Jenny's Wedding 2015 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['lesbian-love', 'coming-out', 'lesbian-kiss', 'wedding-of-main-characters', 'marital-breakup'] tt3289712
poster Reparation 2015 Drama, Mystery, Thriller ['shot-in-face', 'baseball', 'memory-loss', 'tinnitus', 'home-birth'] tt3878978
poster The Meddler 2015 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['overbearing-mother', 'lesbian-wedding', 'mother-daughter-relationship', 'singing-in-a-car', 'reference-to-atlantic-city-new-jersey'] tt4501454
poster Love the Coopers 2015 Comedy, Fantasy, Romance ['u.s.-soldier', 'usa', 'united-states', 'christmas', 'old-man'] tt2279339
poster Driving with Selvi 2015 Documentary ['triple-f-rated'] tt4082668
poster Dare to Be Wild 2015 Biography, Drama, Romance ['triple-f-rated'] tt2989350
poster Light Years 2015 Drama ['triple-f-rated', 'f-rated'] tt4059128
poster Honeymoon 2014 Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Romance, Sci-Fi, Thriller ['honeymoon', 'cabin-in-the-woods', 'memory-loss', 'marriage', 'rope'] tt3177316
poster Big Stone Gap 2014 Comedy, Romance ['three-word-title', 'title-directed-by-female', 'written-by-director', 'female-protagonist', 'mother-daughter-relationship'] tt3254796
poster Life Partners 2014 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['lesbian', 'reference-to-ellen-page', 'title-written-by-female', '21st-century', 'friendship'] tt2870808
poster Little Accidents 2014 Drama ['dead-boy', '15-year-old', 'extramarital-affair', 'marital-problem', 'coal-miner'] tt3125220
poster Just Before I Go 2014 Comedy, Drama ['closeted-homosexual', 'gay', 'interracial-gay-couple', 'fat-insult', 'down-syndrome'] tt2980472
poster Endless Love 2014 Drama, Romance ['love', 'woman-wears-a-string-bikini', 'bikini', 'brother-sister-relationship', 'high-school-graduation'] tt2318092
poster Runoff 2014 Drama ['f-rated', 'three-word-title'] tt2094034
poster Song One 2014 Drama, Music ['musician', 'recording', 'sibling', 'number-in-title'] tt2182972
poster Northern Soul 2014 Drama, Music ['soul-music', '1970s', 'working-class', 'teenager', 'disc-jockey'] tt1837613
poster The Lesson 2014 Drama ['loan-shark', 'stolen-money', 'father-daughter-conflict', 'father-daughter-relationship', 'husband-wife-relationship'] tt3958072
poster The Keeping Room 2014 Drama, Western ['union-army', 'american-civil-war', 'female-gunfighter', 'shootout', 'soldier'] tt2488778
poster Kelly & Cal 2014 Comedy, Drama ['bored-housewife', 'sexless-marriage', 'baby', 'crying-baby', 'female-full-rear-nudity'] tt3082826
poster The Sisterhood of Night 2014 Drama, Mystery, Thriller ['accused-of-witchcraft', 'strained-mother-daughter-relationship', 'high-school-girl', 'high-school', 'teenage-girl'] tt1015471
poster Alien Abduction 2014 Action, Adventure, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller ['alien', 'found-footage', 'lights', 'mountain', 'north-carolina'] tt2510434
poster Infinitely Polar Bear 2014 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['crepe', 'machete', 'columbia-university', 'rent-controlled-apartment', 'lithium'] tt1969062
poster If You Don't, I Will 2014 Comedy, Drama ['sleeping', 'forest', 'f-rated', 'scrabble', 'mother-son-relationship'] tt3202374
poster Welcome to Me 2014 Comedy, Drama ['fictional-tv-show', 'lottery-winner', 'cable-tv-show', 'telethon', 'black-comedy'] tt2788716
poster Viktoria 2014 Drama, Family ['f-rated'] tt3400872
poster Amour Fou 2014 Comedy, Drama ['poet', 'sick-wife', 'upper-class', 'suicide', 'waltz'] tt3003800
poster The Farewell Party 2014 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['euthanasia', 'dilemma', 'terminally-ill', 'self-euthanasia', 'hidden-in-the-closet'] tt3163304
poster Eden 2014 Biography, Drama, Music ['1990s', 'drugs', 'dj', 'french-house-music', 'cocaine'] tt3090634
poster Every Secret Thing 2014 Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller ['death', 'based-on-novel', 'female-police-officer', 'suspect', '18-year-old-girl'] tt1706598
poster Serena 2014 Drama, History, Romance ['axe-accident', 'murder-disguised-as-hunting-accident', 'logging-baron', 'timber-camp', 'timbering-accident'] tt1247690
poster The Wonders 2014 Drama ['tv-contest', 'father-daughter-relationship', 'triple-f-rated', 'beekeeper', '1990s'] tt3044244
poster The Golden Era 2014 Biography, Drama, Romance ['life'] tt3696086
poster The Great Man 2014 Drama ['orphan', 'legionnaire', 'friendship', 'child', 'f-rated'] tt3431812
poster Breathe 2014 Drama ['betrayal-by-a-friend', 'friendship', 'smothered-with-pillow', 'smothered-with-a-pillow', 'murder'] tt3365778
poster A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night 2014 Drama, Horror, Romance, Thriller ['vampire', 'prostitute', 'drugs', 'ghost-town', 'cat'] tt2326554
poster Beyond the Lights 2014 Drama, Music, Romance ['singer', 'sex-symbol', 'domestic-abuse', 'suicide-attempt', 'public-humiliation'] tt3125324
poster Aloft 2014 Drama ['troubled-marriage', 'arctic', 'falcon', 'dysfunctional-family', 'canada'] tt2494384
poster Listen Up Philip 2014 Comedy, Drama ['watering-a-plant', 'painting-nails', 'lawn-mower', 'cupcake', 'photographer'] tt3093546
poster Fidelio: Alice's Odyssey 2014 Drama, Romance ['journey', 'male-frontal-nudity', 'female-frontal-nudity', 'personal-diary', 'bare-breasts'] tt3800010
poster The Babadook 2014 Drama, Horror, Mystery, Thriller ['book', 'single-mother', 'mother-son-relationship', 'monster', 'fear'] tt2321549
poster She's Lost Control 2014 Drama ['transgender-woman', 'blurred-boundaries', 'panties-outside-jeans'] tt3130776
poster Girlhood 2014 Drama ['paris-france', 'girl-fight', 'coming-of-age', 'drugs', 'racketeering'] tt3655522
poster Number One Fan 2014 Comedy, Drama, Thriller ['fan', 'singer', 'beautician', 'f-rated', 'text-messaging'] tt3433358
poster Zero Motivation 2014 Comedy, Drama ['staple-gun', 'soldier', 'office', 'f-rated', 'shredding-a-document'] tt3576084
poster The Sleepwalker 2014 Drama ['male-objectification', 'taking-a-shower', 'sex-from-behind', 'male-bare-butt', 'clothed-female-naked-male-sex'] tt2723576
poster The Amazing Catfish 2013 Comedy, Drama ['hospital', 'supermarket', 'appendicitis', 'f-rated', 'actress-shares-first-name-with-character'] tt2414046
poster Innocence 2013 Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Romance, Thriller ['hex', 'witch', 'virgin', 'blood', 'new-york-city'] tt1724965
poster So Young 2013 Drama, Romance ['f-rated', 'feminist', 'college-student', 'teenage-girl', 'directorial-debut'] tt2765340
poster Austenland 2013 Comedy, Romance ['f-rated', 'title-directed-by-female', 'title-written-by-female', 'triple-f-rated', 'cardboard-cutout'] tt1985019
poster Hateship Loveship 2013 Drama, Romance ['crying-baby', 'cheating', 'coughing', 'kissing-a-mirror', 'pregnancy'] tt2463512
poster Hellion 2013 Drama, Thriller ['aunt', 'motocross', 'boy', 'teenager', 'vandalism'] tt3186318
poster In the Name Of 2013 Drama, Thriller ['priest', 'catholic-priest', 'celibacy', 'village', 'catholic'] tt2650642
poster Afternoon Delight 2013 Comedy, Drama ['stripper', 'bare-breasts', 'prostitution', 'husband-wife-relationship', 'sexual-repression'] tt2312890
poster Nothing Bad Can Happen 2013 Crime, Drama, Horror, Thriller ['death-of-protagonist', 'teenage-boy', 'male-on-male-rape', 'cruelty', 'inspired-by-true-events'] tt2822400
poster Peeples 2013 Comedy, Romance ['vito-russo-test-passed', 'surname-as-title', 'one-word-title', 'marriage-proposal', 'asking-for-hand-in-marriage'] tt1699755
poster Run & Jump 2013 Drama ['reference-to-doctor-doolittle', 'birdfeeder', '38-year-old', 'american', 'stroke'] tt2343158
poster Abuse of Weakness 2013 Drama ['male-underwear', 'cell-phone', 'filmmaker', 'con-man', 'anguish'] tt2418372
poster A Case of You 2013 Comedy, Romance ['facebook', 'guitar-lesson', 'reference-to-princess-leia', 'reference-to-carrie-fisher', 'false-identity'] tt1817081
poster The Truth About Emanuel 2013 Drama, Thriller ['lesbian-subtext', 'lesbian-desire', 'lesbian-kiss', 'interrupted-lesbian-kiss', 'caught-lesbian-kissing'] tt1838520
poster White Lies 2013 Drama [''] tt2386257
poster Made in Cleveland 2013 Comedy ['music-video', 'f-rated'] tt2261409
poster Zero Charisma 2013 Comedy, Drama ['nerd', 'grandmother-grandson-relationship', 'mother-son-relationship', 'role-playing-game', 'misfit'] tt2294965
poster Carrie 2013 Drama, Horror ['telekinesis', 'self-injury', 'protagonist-becomes-antagonist', 'teenage-protagonist', 'teenage-girl-as-protagonist'] tt1939659
poster Grand Masti 2013 Comedy, Drama, Thriller ['reunion', 'indian-sex-comedy'] tt2476154
poster The Bling Ring 2013 Biography, Crime, Drama ['celebrity', 'burglary', 'media-frenzy', 'felony', "celebrity's-home"] tt2132285
poster Gabrielle 2013 Drama, Music, Romance ['character-name-as-title', 'one-word-title', 'williams-syndrome', 'f-rated', 'singing'] tt3106846
poster Il Futuro 2013 Drama ['female-full-frontal-nudity', 'female-pubic-hair', 'orphan-boy', 'bare-breasts', 'rome'] tt1992156
poster On My Way 2013 Comedy, Drama ['brittany', 'france', 'reunion', 'restaurant', 'strong-female-lead'] tt2289538
poster For a Woman 2013 Drama ['communist', 'watching-tv', 'sex-with-sister-in-law', 'sex-with-brother-in-law', 'f-rated'] tt2176786
poster Bastards 2013 Drama, Romance ['suicide-of-father', 'murder', 'sex-scene', 'divorced-man', 'paris-france'] tt2821088
poster The Pretty One 2013 Comedy, Drama ['twin-sisters', 'widower', 'switching-roles', 'car-crash', 'hospital'] tt2140577
poster Exhibition 2013 Drama ['female-masturbation', 'exhibitionism', 'full-frontal-female-nudity', 'f-rated', 'farewell-party'] tt2436452
poster It Felt Like Love 2013 Drama ['male-frontal-nudity', 'title-directed-by-female', 'male-nudity', 'dance', 'lie'] tt2328922
poster Desperate Acts of Magic 2013 Comedy ['magic', 'magician', 'stage-magician', 'camp', "magician's-assistant"] tt2401007
poster Night Moves 2013 Drama, Thriller ['eco-terrorism', 'environmentalist', 'dam', 'explosive', 'organic-farming'] tt2043933
poster It's All So Quiet 2013 Drama ['bare-chested-male', 'bedridden-father', 'bedridden', 'farmer', 'f-rated'] tt2167715
poster The To Do List 2013 Comedy, Romance ['female-sexuality', 'male-objectification', 'scantily-clad-female', '1990s', 'cunnilingus'] tt1758795
poster Plush 2013 Drama, Thriller ['guitarist', 'gay-interest', 'sex-scene', 'obsessed-fan', 'seduction'] tt2226519
poster Adore 2013 Drama, Romance ['revenge-sex', 'extramarital-affair', 'forbidden-love', 'older-woman-younger-man-relationship', 'cowgirl-sex-position'] tt2103267
poster Lucky Them 2013 Comedy, Drama ['title-co-written-by-female', 'cell-phone-video', 'ex-boyfriend', 'journalist', 'triple-f-rated'] tt1885299
poster Very Good Girls 2013 Drama, Romance ['year-1846', 'year-1992', 'banjo', 'eraser', 'drawing'] tt1931602
poster The Playroom 2012 Drama ["man's-wife-has-affair-with-best-friend", 'large-breasts', 'flirtatious-wife', "flirting-with-one's-wife", 'england'] tt1815998
poster The Other Son 2012 Drama ['palestinian', 'switched-at-birth', 'f-rated', 'singing-in-a-car', 'israel'] tt2073016
poster Hello Herman 2012 Drama ['downward-spiral', 'bullying', 'loneliness', 'pro-life', 'death-penalty'] tt1876330
poster Kiss of the Damned 2012 Drama, Horror, Romance ['vampire', 'sister-sister-relationship', 'blood', 'vampire-romance', 'vampire-sex'] tt1959438
poster Woman Thou Art Loosed: On the 7th Day 2012 Drama ['title-directed-by-female'] tt1996346
poster Una noche 2012 Drama, Romance ['male-frontal-nudity', 'gay', 'gay-friend', 'gay-kiss', 'cuban'] tt2184331
poster And While We Were Here 2012 Drama, Romance ['first-person-title', 'strained-husband-wife-relationship', 'cuckolded-husband', 'marriage-problems', 'bored-wife'] tt1972819
poster Midnight's Children 2012 Drama ['children', 'india', 'screenplay-adapted-by-author', 'f-rated', 'factory-owner'] tt1714866
poster The Guilt Trip 2012 Comedy, Drama ['mother-son-relationship', 'usa', 'united-states', 'trip', 'cross-country'] tt1694020
poster Fill the Void 2012 Drama, Romance ['circumcision', 'playing-accordion', '18-year-old', 'jewish', 'marriage'] tt2219514
poster Augustine 2012 Drama, History ['hospital', 'year-1885', 'dormitory', 'prayer', 'braiding-hair'] tt2098628
poster Girl in Progress 2012 Comedy, Drama ['title-directed-by-female', 'coming-of-age', 'restaurant', 'waitress', 'f-rated'] tt1817676
poster Hannah Arendt 2012 Biography, Drama ['triple-f-rated', 'book', 'based-on-true-story', 'title-directed-by-female', 'feminist-film'] tt1674773
poster The Brass Teapot 2012 Comedy, Fantasy, Thriller ['bare-butt', 'taking-off-underwear', 'voyeur', 'voyeurism', 'mini-dress'] tt1935902
poster Mosquita y Mari 2012 Drama ['chicana', 'f-rated', 'teenage-girl', 'best-friend', 'friendship-between-girls'] tt1978480
poster One for the Money 2012 Action, Comedy, Crime, Thriller ['tough-woman', 'self-defense', 'new-jersey', 'bounty-hunting', 'bail-jumper'] tt1598828
poster Breakfast with Curtis 2012 Drama ['14-year-old', 'summer', 'f-rated', 'caught-smoking', 'child-listening-to-an-adult-conversation'] tt2062497
poster Refuge 2012 Drama ['f-rated', 'one-word-title'] tt1844763
poster Wadjda 2012 Comedy, Drama ['title-directed-by-female', 'feminist-film', 'character-name-as-title', 'triple-f-rated', 'bicycle'] tt2258858
poster Inescapable 2012 Action, Drama, Mystery, Romance, Thriller ['title-directed-by-female', 'title-written-by-female', 'year-2011', 'f-rated'] tt1844203
poster The Players 2012 Comedy ['condom', 'dog', 'gay', 'female-objectification', 'tank-top'] tt2087850
poster Inch'Allah 2012 Drama ['doctor', 'soldier', 'foreigner', 'israel-defense-forces', 'f-rated'] tt2336960
poster Three Worlds 2012 Drama ['accident', 'witness', 'hit-and-run', 'f-rated', 'pregnancy'] tt2369497
poster Tiger Eyes 2012 Drama ['native-american', 'grieving', 'drinking-problem', 'cancer', 'nickname'] tt1748260
poster English Vinglish 2012 Comedy, Drama, Family ['gay', 'passing-an-exam', 'exam', 'title-directed-by-female', 'language-lesson'] tt2181931
poster The Lesser Blessed 2012 Drama ['teen-movie', 'f-rated', 'wolf', 'domestic-abuse', 'widow'] tt2056740
poster Girl Most Likely 2012 Comedy ['playwright', 'fired-from-a-job', 'failed-writer', 'man-child', 'mother-daughter-relationship'] tt1698648
poster If I Were You 2012 Comedy, Drama ['theatre-rehearsal', 'play-within-film', 'focus-group', 'swearing', 'drinking'] tt1587309
poster An Oversimplification of Her Beauty 2012 Animation, Comedy, Drama, Romance ['work'] tt2073520
poster Nobody Walks 2012 Drama ['lifting-a-female-into-the-air', 'short-haired-woman', 'sex-on-a-table', 'short-hair', 'legs-wrapped-around-a-person'] tt1907731
poster Vamps 2012 Comedy, Horror, Romance ['renfield-character', 'van-helsing-character', 'female-vampire', 'drinking-blood', 'solar-eclipse'] tt1545106
poster Polisse 2011 Crime, Drama ['title-directed-by-female', 'ignorance', 'police', 'photographer', 'child-protection'] tt1661420
poster Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara 2011 Comedy, Drama ['spain', 'underwater-scene', 'vacation', 'three-friends', 'f-rated'] tt1562872
poster Simon and the Oaks 2011 Drama ['male-nudity', 'male-rear-nudity', 'bare-chested-male', 'eastern-europe', 'male-objectification'] tt1375669
poster The Moth Diaries 2011 Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery ['boarding-school', 'f-rated', 'sex-with-schoolgirl', 'schoolgirl-uniform', 'animal-in-title'] tt1407065
poster Corpo Celeste 2011 Drama ['italy', 'catholic', 'confirmation', '13-year-old', 'killing-a-cat'] tt1886502
poster Goodbye First Love 2011 Drama, Romance ['teacher-student-romance', 'dear-john-letter', 'boyfriend-girlfriend-relationship', 'sex-scene', 'railway-station'] tt1618447
poster Balls to the Wall 2011 Comedy ['male-female-relationship', 'male-objectification', 'title-directed-by-female'] tt1626135
poster Life Happens 2011 Comedy ['los-angeles-california', 'woman-on-top', 'one-night-stand', 'f-rated', 'rapping-in-a-car'] tt1726589
poster A Simple Life 2011 Drama ["old-people's-home", 'stroke', 'urban-setting', 'cameo-appearance', 'long-distance-call'] tt2008006
poster Lotus Eaters 2011 Drama ['f-rated'] tt1734580
poster Small, Beautifully Moving Parts 2011 Comedy ['f-rated'] tt1746242
poster My Worst Nightmare 2011 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['alcoholic', 'contemporary-art', 'sex', 'apartment', 'f-rated'] tt1718835
poster Losing Control 2011 Comedy ['f-rated'] tt1511425
poster Red Riding Hood 2011 Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Romance, Thriller ['younger-version-of-character', 'dumping-a-dead-body-in-a-lake', 'character-name-as-title', 'little-red-riding-hood-character', 'silver-sword'] tt1486185
poster Union Square 2011 Drama ['f-rated', 'title-directed-by-female'] tt1783798
poster W.E. 2011 Drama, History, Romance ['king-george-vi-character', 'the-little-tramp-character', 'king-george-v-character', 'woman-wears-a-bra-and-panties', 'woman-wears-lingerie'] tt1536048
poster The Iron Lady 2011 Biography, Drama ['politics', '10-downing-street-london', 'old-woman', 'old-age', 'conservative-party'] tt1007029
poster Found Memories 2011 Drama ['oil-lamp', 'church', 'cemetery', 'priest', 'baking-bread'] tt2043879
poster Romeos 2011 Drama, Romance ['transgender', 'ftm', 'gender-reassignment', 'friendship', 'lesbian'] tt1830792
poster Coming Up Roses 2011 Drama ['flower-in-title', 'mother-daughter-relationship', 'teenage-girl', 'redheaded-woman', '15-year-old'] tt1610473
poster Elles 2011 Drama ['sex', 'see-through-panties', 'female-masturbation', 'sex-with-an-older-man', 'fellatio'] tt1549589
poster Go for It! 2011 Drama, Musical ['imperative-in-title', 'three-word-title', 'punctuation-in-title', 'exclamation-point-in-title'] tt1307926
poster Texas Killing Fields 2011 Crime, Drama, History, Thriller ['murder-of-a-teenager', 'scantily-clad-female', 'panties', 'white-panties', 'upskirt'] tt1389127
poster 17 Girls 2011 Drama ['teen-movie', 'f-rated', 'title-directed-by-female', 'face-slap', 'driving-lesson'] tt1860152
poster Little Birds 2011 Drama ['attempted-rape', 'sex-scene', 'female-nudity', 'bare-breasts', 'woman-in-a-bath'] tt1623745
poster In Darkness 2011 Drama, War ['jewish', 'holocaust', 'nazi', 'based-on-true-story', 'crying-baby'] tt1417075
poster From Prada to Nada 2011 Action, Comedy, Drama, Family, Romance ['hispanic', 'beverly-hills', 'latina', 'law-student', 'bankrupt'] tt0893412
poster In the Land of Blood and Honey 2011 Drama, Romance, War ['bosnian-war', 'soldier', 'emaciation', 'bus', 'food'] tt1714209
poster Oka! 2011 Drama ['f-rated', 'title-directed-by-female'] tt1479320
poster Return 2011 Drama ['infidelity', 'cheating-wife', 'tickling-a-woman', 'depression', 'pregnancy-test'] tt1677082
poster The Perfect Family 2011 Comedy, Drama ['catholic', 'dinner', 'church', 'father-daughter-relationship', 'father-son-relationship'] tt1650058
poster Pariah 2011 Drama ['lesbian-relationship', 'homosexuality', 'coming-out', 'homophobia', 'lesbian-slur'] tt1233334
poster Tomboy 2011 Drama ['soccer', 'tomboy', 'makeup', 'looking-at-oneself-in-a-mirror', 'false-name'] tt1847731
poster Turn Me On, Dammit! 2011 Comedy, Romance ['sexual-awakening', 'sexual-fantasy', 'horny-female', 'underage-drinking', 'topless-female-nudity'] tt1650407
poster Double Dhamaal 2011 Comedy, Crime, Drama ['humiliation'] tt1728239
poster We Need to Talk About Kevin 2011 Drama, Mystery, Thriller ['incommunicability', 'tragic-event', 'murder-of-daughter', 'flash-forward', 'target'] tt1242460
poster A Little Bit of Heaven 2011 Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance ['depiction-of-god', 'afterlife', 'cool', 'mexican-actor-playing-american-character', 'happiness'] tt1440161
poster When We Leave 2010 Drama ['honor-crime', 'turkish-immigrant', 'traditions', 'turkish-family', 'turkish-german'] tt1288376
poster The Tree 2010 Drama, Romance ['tree', 'australian', 'mother-daughter-relationship', 'death-of-loved-one', 'death-of-father'] tt1496005
poster Ramona and Beezus 2010 Comedy, Drama, Family, Fantasy ['cat', 'death-of-pet', 'character-names-as-title', 'aunt', 'girl'] tt0493949
poster Leonie 2010 Biography, Drama ['character-name-as-title', 'year-1892', 'victorian-era', 'leonie-gilmour', 'reference-to-leonie-gilmour'] tt1426328
poster Special Treatment 2010 Comedy, Drama ['prostitute', 'f-rated', 'diary', 'therapy-session', 'transsexual'] tt1590157
poster Somewhere 2010 Comedy, Drama ['parent-child-relationship', 'estranged-father', 'father-daughter-relationship', 'pantyhose', 'title-directed-by-female'] tt1421051
poster Happy, Happy 2010 Comedy, Drama ['male-full-frontal-nudity', 'fellatio', 'male-nudity', 'male-frontal-nudity', 'pubic-hair'] tt1664892
poster Meek's Cutoff 2010 Adventure, Drama, Thriller, Western ['blackfoot-indian', 'bucket', 'cayuse-indian', 'horseback-riding', 'bible'] tt1518812
poster Last Night 2010 Drama, Romance ['sex-with-a-coworker', 'business-trip', 'ex-boyfriend', 'co-worker', 'trust'] tt1294688
poster Attenberg 2010 Drama ['male-frontal-nudity', 'architect', 'terminal-illness', 'industrial-town', 'father-daughter-relationship'] tt1691323
poster I Will Follow 2010 Drama ['f-rated', 'triple-f-rated', 'reference-to-starbucks', 'written-by-director', 'writer-director-producer'] tt1624426
poster Tees Maar Khan 2010 Comedy, Crime ['bound-and-gagged', 'child-kidnapping', 'movie-reality-crossover', 'memory', 'forgetting-name'] tt1572311
poster Country Strong 2010 Drama, Music ['songwriter', 'country-music', 'singer', 'concert', 'singer-songwriter'] tt1555064
poster Sex and the City 2 2010 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['chick-flick', 'woman-flashing-her-leg', 'voyeurism', 'voyeur', 'kissing-a-married-woman'] tt1261945
poster Night Catches Us 2010 Drama, Romance ['f-rated', 'black-panther-party', 'black-panthers', 'philadelphia-pennsylvania', '1970s'] tt0775543
poster An Invisible Sign 2010 Comedy, Drama, Family, Romance ['pigtails', 'mathematics', 'f-rated', 'climbing-out-a-window', 'coitus-interruptus'] tt1212454
poster The Little Bedroom 2010 Drama ['suicide', 'personal-growth', 'healing', 'retirement-home', 'f-rated'] tt1401669
poster Mumbai Diaries 2010 Drama ['drug-dealer-murdered', 'title-directed-by-female', 'home-video', 'f-rated', 'mumbai-india'] tt1433810
poster The Imperialists Are Still Alive! 2010 Drama ['israeli-palestinian-conflict', 'landing-strip', 'head-scarf', 'female-nudity', 'bare-breasts'] tt1423593
poster The Runaways 2010 Biography, Drama, Music ['f-rated', 'revisionist-history', 'triple-f-rated', 'feminist-film', 'cherry-bomb'] tt1017451
poster Point Blank 2010 Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller ['pregnant-wife', 'stabbed-in-the-eye', 'shot-in-the-stomach', 'filmed-killing', 'jumping-between-buildings'] tt1545759
poster The Whistleblower 2010 Biography, Crime, Drama ['cover-up', 'corruption', 'diplomatic-immunity', 'rape', 'torture'] tt0896872
poster Even the Rain 2010 Drama, History ['cochabamba-bolivia', 'director', 'actor', 'water-supply', 'water'] tt1422032
poster Dreamkiller 2010 Thriller ['doctor'] tt0818098
poster Going the Distance 2010 Comedy, Romance ['long-distance-relationship', 'job', 'bar', 'beer', 'toilet'] tt1322312
poster Archipelago 2010 Drama ['f-rated', 'holiday'] tt1527835
poster White Material 2009 Drama, War ['coffee', 'coffee-plantation', 'f-rated', 'pubic-hair', 'male-pubic-hair'] tt1135952
poster Serious Moonlight 2009 Comedy, Crime, Romance ['tied-feet', 'toilet', 'mistress', 'marriage', 'duct-tape'] tt1133993
poster Fish Tank 2009 Drama ['15-year-old', 'dancing', 'council-estate', 'older-man-younger-woman-relationship', 'sex-with-a-minor'] tt1232776
poster My Year Without Sex 2009 Comedy, Drama ['seductive', 'hot', 'sex-scene', 'sexy', 'sex-comedy'] tt1245358
poster Bluebeard 2009 Drama, Fantasy, Romance ['surprise-ending', 'death', 'lord', 'falling-to-death', 'blood-on-the-floor'] tt1355623
poster Desert Flower 2009 Biography, Drama ['immigrant', 'modeling', 'photo-shoot', 'rape', 'homelessness'] tt1054580
poster Father of My Children 2009 Drama ['watering-a-plant', 'producer', 'italian', 'play', 'film-producer'] tt1356928
poster The Greatest 2009 Drama, Romance ['loss', 'teenage-mother', 'bare-chested-male', 'fatal-car-crash', 'substance-abuse'] tt1226232
poster Jennifer's Body 2009 Comedy, Horror ['scene-during-end-credits', 'succubus', 'scantily-clad-female', 'lesbian-teen', 'cannibalism'] tt1131734
poster Julie & Julia 2009 Biography, Drama, Romance ['cook', 'cooking', 'blog', 'french-cuisine', 'food'] tt1135503
poster The Private Lives of Pippa Lee 2009 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['retirement', 'older-man-younger-woman-relationship', 'sleepwalking', 'moodiness', 'voice-over-narration'] tt1134629
poster Cairo Time 2009 Drama, Romance ['title-directed-by-female', 'title-written-by-female', 'american', 'watching-television', 'bobby-pin'] tt0896529
poster White Wedding 2009 Comedy, Romance ['f-rated', 'interracial-love', 'black-man-white-woman-kiss', 'interracial-relationship', 'interracial-romance'] tt1213929
poster Queen to Play 2009 Drama ['f-rated', 'american', 'chess', 'chambermaid', 'chess-set'] tt1082009
poster Vision 2009 Biography, Drama, History ['convent', 'nun', 'medieval-times', 'hildegard-von-bingen', 'spiritual-advisor'] tt0995850
poster Handsome Harry 2009 Drama ['f-rated', 'vietnam-war-veteran', 'guilt', 'forgiveness', 'military'] tt1318001
poster Cracks 2009 Drama, Thriller ['boarding-school', 'asthma-attack', 'lesbian-rape', 'obsession', 'death-by-asphyxiation'] tt1183665
poster Partir 2009 Crime, Drama, Romance ['love-triangle', 'cheating-wife', 'female-full-rear-nudity', 'wife-leaves-husband', 'wife-kills-husband'] tt1315962
poster After.Life 2009 Drama, Mystery, Thriller ['breath-on-mirror', 'female-rear-nudity', 'cmnf', 'cmnf-scene', 'female-star-appears-nude'] tt0838247
poster Bright Star 2009 Biography, Drama, Romance ['reed', 'artistic-creation', 'period-drama', 'poet', 'passion'] tt0810784
poster Bran Nue Dae 2009 Comedy, Drama, Musical ['hair', 'gasoline-station', 'german', 'jealousy', 'movie-theater'] tt1148165
poster Post Grad 2009 Comedy, Romance ['title-directed-by-female', 'unemployment', 'tv-studio', 'graduation', 'graduation-speech'] tt1142433
poster The Milk of Sorrow 2009 Drama, Music ['brassiere', 'stirrups', 'food-in-vagina', 'object-in-vagina', 'gynecological-exam'] tt1206488
poster Motherhood 2009 Comedy, Drama ['pacifier', 'woman-wears-eyeglasses', 'mother', 'birthday', 'birthday-party'] tt1220220
poster The Hedgehog 2009 Drama ['wealth', 'watching-a-movie', 'birthday', 'custodian', 'insight'] tt1442519
poster Drool 2009 Comedy ['dead-body-in-a-bathtub', 'dead-body-in-a-car-trunk', 'camera-shot-from-inside-a-car-trunk', 'f-rated', 'burying-a-dead-body'] tt1268962
poster It's Complicated 2009 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['mature-romance', 'female-protagonist', 'lovers', 'ex-husband-ex-wife-rekindling-their-relationship', 'divorced-couple'] tt1230414
poster Everyone Else 2009 Drama, Romance ['boyfriend-girlfriend-relationship', 'male-nudity', 'male-explicit-nudity', 'male-frontal-nudity', 'break-up'] tt1204773
poster You Wont Miss Me 2009 Comedy, Drama ['misfit', 'f-rated', 'female-nudity', 'drugs', 'new-york'] tt1249443
poster Amreeka 2009 Drama ['bank', 'student', 'white-castle', 'single-mother', 'palestinian'] tt1190858
poster Finding Bliss 2009 Comedy, Romance ['adult-film-industry', 'pubic-hair', 'female-nudity', 'full-frontal-male-nudity', 'bikini'] tt1185242
poster Coco Before Chanel 2009 Biography, Drama ['life-of-celebrity-before-becoming-famous', 'social-status', '1920s', 'beach', 'wealth'] tt1035736
poster The Proposal 2009 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['alaska', 'immigration-fraud', 'fake-marriage', 'coworker-relationship', 'marriage-proposal'] tt1041829
poster Toe to Toe 2009 Drama ['lacrosse', 'young-woman', 'teenage-girl', 'black-woman', 'black-girl'] tt1209364
poster Ghosted 2009 Drama, Mystery ['lesbian', 'lesbian-lover', 'female-nudity', 'lesbianism', 'lesbian-romance'] tt1252595
poster The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 2008 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['male-objectification', 'bare-chested-male', 'taking-off-pants', 'taking-off-shirt', 'taking-off-clothes'] tt1018785
poster Sunshine Cleaning 2008 Comedy, Drama ['school', 'suicide', 'crime-scene-cleanup', 'memory', 'motel'] tt0862846
poster Cherry Blossoms 2008 Drama, Romance ['asiatic', 'plant-in-title', 'loss-of-wife', 'cherry-blossom', 'japan'] tt0910559
poster Elegy 2008 Drama, Romance ['older-man-younger-woman-relationship', 'teacher', 'sex', 'sexual-attraction', 'breasts'] tt0974554
poster 35 Shots of Rum 2008 Drama ['grave', 'cemetery', 'dead-mother', 'dead-wife', "mother's-grave"] tt1100048
poster The Girl from Monaco 2008 Comedy, Drama ['gigolo', 'weather-girl', 'bodyguard', 'dysfunctional-marriage', 'unhappy-marriage'] tt1139800
poster Nim's Island 2008 Adventure, Family, Fantasy ['island', 'girl', 'author', 'reading', 'scientist'] tt0410377
poster The Hurt Locker 2008 Drama, Thriller, War ['imperialism', 'iraq', 'loss-of-friend', 'bomb', 'dangerous-job'] tt0887912
poster Mamma Mia! 2008 Comedy, Musical, Romance ['bride', 'jukebox-musical', 'wedding', 'greek-island', 'mediterranean'] tt0795421
poster Mad Money 2008 Comedy, Crime, Thriller ['woman-wears-eyeglasses', 'money', 'bank', 'shredder', 'federal-reserve-bank'] tt0951216
poster The Wedding Song 2008 Drama, History, War ['forced-marriage', 'shaved-labia', 'nazi-occupation', 'loss-of-virginity', 'female-explicit-nudity'] tt1264074
poster Frozen River 2008 Crime, Drama ['mohawk', 'smuggling', 'trailer', 'smuggler', 'single-mother'] tt0978759
poster Wendy and Lucy 2008 Drama ['crying', 'hand-to-mouth', "car-won't-start", 'missing-dog', 'sadness'] tt1152850
poster Bride Flight 2008 Drama ['female-star-appears-nude', 'cunnilingus', 'woman-undressing-for-a-man', 'unwanted-pregnancy', 'sex-scene'] tt1094241
poster The Women 2008 Comedy, Drama ['usa', 'united-states', 'disappointment', 'divorce', 'new-york'] tt0430770
poster Sex and the City: The Movie 2008 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['sequel-to-tv-series', 'wedding-dress', 'overreaction', '2000s', 'coitus'] tt1000774
poster The Headless Woman 2008 Drama, Mystery, Thriller ['feminist-film', 'car-accident', 'f-rated', 'title-directed-by-female', 'written-by-director'] tt1221141
poster Home 2008 Drama ['female-pubic-hair', 'highway', 'home', 'air-pollution', 'isolated-house'] tt1319569
poster Filth and Wisdom 2008 Comedy, Drama, Music, Romance ['gypsy', 'f-rated', 'title-directed-by-female', 'topless-female-nudity', 'thong'] tt1042499
poster I Can't Think Straight 2008 Drama, Romance ['lesbianism', 'lgbt', 'lgbt-plus', 'indian', 'title-directed-by-female'] tt0830570
poster The Secret Life of Bees 2008 Drama ['insect-in-title', 'f-rated', 'racism', 'cake', 'neglected-child'] tt0416212
poster Stop-Loss 2008 Drama, War ['soldier', 'friendship', 'honor', 'texas', 'iraq-war'] tt0489281
poster Dark Streets 2008 Drama, Thriller ['based-on-play'] tt0772165
poster Salt of This Sea 2008 Drama, Romance ['palestine', 'f-rated', 'male-rear-nudity', 'male-nudity', 'israel'] tt1090680
poster Rails & Ties 2007 Drama ['father-figure', 'train', 'cancer', 'train-engineer', 'suicide'] tt0822849
poster Brick Lane 2007 Drama ['india', 'september-11-2001', 'arranged-marriage', 'f-rated', 'buckingham-palace'] tt0940585
poster Jellyfish 2007 Drama ['guest', 'english', 'beach', 'writer', 'locked-in'] tt0807721
poster The Cry 2007 Horror, Thriller ['supernatural-power', 'psychotronic-film', 'witch', 'f-rated', 'legend'] tt0808210
poster Dhamaal 2007 Action, Adventure, Comedy ['child', 'reckless-driving', 'race', 'stolen-car', 'money'] tt0845448
poster Introducing the Dwights 2007 Comedy, Drama ['organ', 'watching-tv', 'comedienne', 'canteen', 'moving-van'] tt0432264
poster The World Unseen 2007 Drama, Romance ['lesbian', 'lgbt', 'lgbt-plus', 'south-africa', 'title-directed-by-female'] tt1048174
poster Americanizing Shelley 2007 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['hollywood', 'himalayas', 'indian', 'f-rated', 'bollywood'] tt0485185
poster Ping Pong Playa 2007 Comedy, Sport ['ping-pong', 'f-rated', 'asian-american'] tt0991167
poster The Savages 2007 Comedy, Drama ['dementia', 'theater-for-the-new-city', 'voice-mail', 'hug', 'federal-emergency-management-agency'] tt0775529
poster American Zombie 2007 Comedy, Drama, Horror ['satire', 'satirical', 'dream', 'nightmare', 'f-rated'] tt0765430
poster Expired 2007 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['job', 'f-rated', "new-year's-eve", 'character-says-i-love-you', 'answering-machine-message'] tt0488535
poster Before the Rains 2007 Drama, History, Romance, Thriller ['india', 'dead-body', 'sex', 'taboo', 'interracial-relationship'] tt0870195
poster Waitress 2007 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['pregnancy', 'waitress', 'unwanted-pregnancy', 'abusive-husband', 'unplanned-pregnancy'] tt0473308
poster Never Forever 2007 Drama, Romance ['asian-man-white-woman-relationship', 'illegal-immigrant', 'korean', 'new-york-city', 'fertility-clinic'] tt0817544
poster Laaga Chunari Mein Daag: Journey of a Woman 2007 Drama, Family, Romance ['prostitute', 'poverty', 'title-based-on-song'] tt0985636
poster Om Shanti Om 2007 Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Musical, Romance, Thriller ['actor', 'love', '1970s', 'film-set', 'film-industry'] tt1024943
poster Vivere 2007 Drama, Romance ['female-nudity', 'rebellious-teenager', 'teenage-girl', 'female-taxi-driver', 'musician'] tt0497467
poster Unrelated 2007 Drama ['female-full-frontal-nudity', 'male-full-frontal-nudity', 'holiday', 'villa', 'summer-holiday'] tt1107850
poster A Plumm Summer 2007 Adventure, Family ['f-rated'] tt0834941
poster The Life Before Her Eyes 2007 Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller ['best-friend', 'bikini', 'sex-talk', 'older-man-younger-woman-relationship', 'teacher-student-relationship'] tt0815178
poster Holding Trevor 2007 Drama, Romance ['cult-film', 'party', 'heroin-addict', 'hiv-test', 'singer'] tt0960770
poster Itty Bitty Titty Committee 2007 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['rebellion', 'feminism', 'phallic-symbol', 'punk-rock', 'feminist'] tt0496328
poster Under the Same Moon 2007 Adventure, Drama ['title-directed-by-female', 'immigrant', 'young-boy', 'mexico', 'f-rated'] tt0796307
poster Blood and Chocolate 2007 Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Romance ['werewolf', 'bucharest-romania', 'love', 'murder', 'rocky-mountains'] tt0397044
poster Things We Lost in the Fire 2007 Drama ['f-rated', 'recovery', 'narcotics-anonymous', 'garage', 'dinner'] tt0469623
poster Death Defying Acts 2007 Drama, History, Romance, Thriller ['psychotronic-film', 'death-in-title', 'muscular-physique', 'man-in-a-straight-jacket', 'alternate-history'] tt0472071
poster Descent 2007 Drama, Thriller ['male-full-frontal-nudity', 'sexual-torture', 'rape-and-revenge', 'misandry', 'male-on-male-rape'] tt0463027
poster Water Lilies 2007 Drama, Romance ['coming-of-age', 'friendship-between-girls', 'loss-of-virginity', 'teenage-sexuality', 'synchronized-swimming'] tt0869977
poster Kettle of Fish 2006 Comedy, Romance ['lost-in-a-park', 'fish', 'biologist', 'flat', 'wedding'] tt0473500
poster Falling 2006 Drama ['title-written-by-female', 'f-rated', 'nudity', 'title-directed-by-female', 'female-nudity'] tt0832347
poster Phat Girlz 2006 Comedy ['f-rated', 'title-directed-by-female', 'female-protagonist', 'size-positive', 'wet-dream'] tt0490196
poster Grbavica: The Land of My Dreams 2006 Drama ['school-trip', 'sarajevo', 'single-mother', 'money', 'topless-female-nudity'] tt0464029
poster Diggers 2006 Comedy, Drama ['clothed-male-naked-male-scene', 'bare-chested-male', 'male-underwear', 'briefs', 'hairy-chest'] tt0469897
poster Confetti 2006 Comedy, Music, Romance ['naturism', 'wedding', 'tennis', 'female-rear-nudity', 'nose'] tt0427089
poster Gray Matters 2006 Comedy, Romance ['new-york-city', 'f-rated', 'lesbianism', 'reference-to-oprah-winfrey', 'lesbian-kiss'] tt0375785
poster Old Joy 2006 Drama ['sexual-ambiguity', 'oregon', 'title-directed-by-female', 'male-frontal-nudity', 'cell-phone'] tt0468526
poster The Devil Wears Prada 2006 Comedy, Drama ['magazine', 'fashion', 'fashion-industry', 'chick-flick', 'new-york-city'] tt0458352
poster Fraulein 2006 Drama ['female-nudity', 'sex-scene'] tt0476999
poster Little Chenier 2006 Drama ['murder-of-a-police-officer', 'title-directed-by-female', 'f-rated', 'alligator', 'handgun'] tt0758764
poster The Man of My Life 2006 Drama, Romance ['cell-phone', 'summer', 'f-rated', 'male-rear-nudity', 'male-nudity'] tt0462683
poster Aquamarine 2006 Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Romance ['girl-with-long-feminine-hair', 'sexy-teenager', 'babe', 'bikini-girl', 'implied-nudity'] tt0429591
poster Close to You 2006 Romance ['f-rated', 'best-friend', 'singer', 'rock-band', 'necklace'] tt0498480
poster Blame it on Fidel 2006 Drama, History ['title-directed-by-female', 'catechism', 'bath', 'class', 'girl'] tt0792966
poster The Namesake 2006 Drama ['india', 'train', 'bengali', 'new-york-city', 'reference-to-gogol'] tt0433416
poster Antonia 2006 Drama, Musical ['hip-hop', 'brazil', 'band', "women's-issues", 'african-brazilian-culture'] tt0492869
poster Puccini for Beginners 2006 Comedy, Romance ['love', 'manhattan-new-york-city', 'bisexual', 'woman-woman-relationship', 'girlfriend-girlfriend-relationship'] tt0492481
poster The Nativity Story 2006 Adventure, Drama, Family, Fantasy, History, Romance ['palestine', 'nazareth-israel', 'star', 'f-rated', 'year-1'] tt0762121
poster Stick It 2006 Comedy, Drama, Sport ['deception', 'title-directed-by-female', 'teen-movie', 'gymnastics', 'gymnast'] tt0430634
poster Marie Antoinette 2006 Biography, Drama, History, Romance ['female-rear-nudity', 'nudity', 'public-nudity', 'cleavage', 'phimosis'] tt0422720
poster Catch and Release 2006 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['reference-to-persephone-the-greek-minor-deity', 'f-rated', 'reference-to-traci-lords', 'death-of-fiance', 'grieving-over-lost-love'] tt0395495
poster The Holiday 2006 Comedy, Romance ['kiss', 'film-composer', 'english-countryside', 'cottage', 'book-editor'] tt0457939
poster Day Night Day Night 2006 Crime, Drama, Thriller ['bomb-in-a-backpack', 'bomber', 'backpack', 'suicide-bomber', 'bus'] tt0499455
poster Falling for Grace 2006 Comedy, Family, Romance ['title-directed-by-female', 'title-written-by-female', 'f-rated', 'new-york-city', 'manhattan-new-york-city'] tt0409301
poster Take the Lead 2006 Drama, Music ['teacher', 'dance', 'student', 'dance-teacher', 'ballroom'] tt0446046
poster Away from Her 2006 Drama ['nursing-home', "alzheimer's-disease", 'skiing', 'fisher', 'ontario'] tt0491747
poster Red Road 2006 Drama, Mystery, Thriller ['female-explicit-nudity', 'cunnilingus', 'alliterative-title', 'labia', 'outdoor-sex'] tt0471030
poster A Family Secret 2006 Comedy, Drama, Musical ['sex-comedy', 'seductive', 'hot', 'sex-scene', 'sexy'] tt0485149
poster Material Girls 2006 Comedy, Family, Romance ['actress', 'princess', 'cosmetics', 'wealth', 'credit-card'] tt0433412
poster Look Both Ways 2005 Drama, Mystery, Romance ['human-immunodeficiency-virus-acquired-immune-deficiency-syndrome', 'cake', 'cricket-the-sport', 'trainwreck', 'cell-phone'] tt0382806
poster Mouth to Mouth 2005 Drama ['europe', 'teenage-girl', 'rural-setting', 'mother-daughter-relationship', 'commune'] tt0383518
poster Don't Tell 2005 Drama, Mystery ['nightmare', 'father-son-incest', 'father-daughter-incest', 'abuse', 'accidental-death'] tt0443446
poster Close to Home 2005 Drama ['israeli-military', 'idf', 'military', 'jerusalem', 'f-rated'] tt0478999
poster Lucky: No Time for Love 2005 Musical, Drama, Romance ['saint-petersburg-russia', 'teenage-boy', 'terrorist', 'f-rated', 'train'] tt0449306
poster Steal Me 2005 Drama ['bare-chested-male', 'older-woman-younger-man-sex', 'stealing', 'small-town', 'montana'] tt0421250
poster On a Clear Day 2005 Comedy, Drama, Romance, Sport ['cake', 'driving-lesson', 'pantyhose', 'self-help-tape', 'man-wears-panties'] tt0410400
poster A Year Without Love 2005 Drama, Romance ['gay-lead-character', 'writer', 'aids', 'gay', 'bdsm'] tt0418484
poster The Ballad of Jack and Rose 2005 Drama ['commune', 'environmentalism', 'obese', 'wetland', 'virginity'] tt0357110
poster Bewitched 2005 Comedy, Fantasy, Romance ['watching-tv', 'neo-screwball-comedy', 'flying-broomstick', 'lifting-someone-into-the-air', 'slow-motion-scene'] tt0374536
poster The Secret Life of Words 2005 Drama, Romance ['oil-rig', 'burn-victim', 'yugoslav-wars', 'unfaithfulness', 'father-son-relationship'] tt0430576
poster The Quiet 2005 Crime, Drama, Thriller ['blonde', 'eye-candy', 'topless-female-nudity', 'voyeur', 'voyeurism'] tt0414951
poster The Notorious Bettie Page 2005 Biography, Drama ['bondage', 'photographer', 'acting', 'acting-lesson', 'pornography'] tt0404802
poster How the Garcia Girls Spent Their Summer 2005 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['watching-television', 'f-rated', 'memory', 'passion', 'breasts'] tt0385006
poster The Wedding Date 2005 Comedy, Romance ['cricket-the-sport', 'wedding', 'escort', 'male-escort', 'wedding-date'] tt0372532
poster Daltry Calhoun 2005 Comedy, Drama, Music, Romance ['overalls', 'juilliard-school', 'toilet', 'television-cameraman', 'television-commercial'] tt0339642
poster The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio 2005 Biography, Drama ['freaking-out', 'gasoline-station', 'dysfunctional-marriage', 'man-wears-eyeglasses', 'watching-tv'] tt0406158
poster Dreaming Lhasa 2005 Adventure, Drama, Mystery ['exile', 'dharamsala', 'tibet', 'dalai-lama', 'place-name-in-title'] tt0469686
poster Amu 2005 Drama ['genocide', 'character-name-as-title', 'nickname-as-title', 'one-word-title', 'indian-american'] tt0414713
poster Red Doors 2005 Drama ['prank', 'f-rated', 'wedding-planning', 'singer', 'psychologist'] tt0415234
poster La petite Jérusalem 2005 Drama ['female-nudity', 'topless-female-nudity', 'undressing', 'jewish', 'religion'] tt0428965
poster Backstage 2005 Drama, Music ['singer', 'groupie', 'celebrity', 'f-rated', 'female-star-appears-nude'] tt0436091
poster Side Effects 2005 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['panties', 'bra', 'concealed-nudity', 'strong-female-lead', 'strong-female-character'] tt0438427
poster Dream 2005 Comedy, Drama, Music, Romance ['mexican-immigrant', 'love-triangle', 'love', 'immigrant', 'mexican'] tt0383648
poster The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2005 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['pantyhose', 'friendship', 'sisterhood', 'female-friendship', 'chick-flick'] tt0403508
poster Unveiled 2005 Drama ['lesbian-kiss', 'girlfriend-girlfriend-relationship', 'refugee', 'lesbian', 'suicide'] tt0428672
poster Beauty Shop 2005 Comedy ['f-rated', 'couch', 'thrown-out', 'long-haired-man', 'shampoo'] tt0388500
poster Looking for Cheyenne 2005 Drama, Romance ['true-love', 'journalist', 'f-rated', 'breasts', 'yoga'] tt0410410
poster Green Street Hooligans 2005 Crime, Drama, Sport, War ['hooliganism', 'hooligan', 'bar-fight', 'london-england', 'male-camaraderie'] tt0385002
poster The Libertine 2004 Biography, Drama, History, Romance ['public-nudity', 'breasts', 'scantily-clad-female', 'virgin', 'teenage-girl'] tt0375920
poster The Intruder 2004 Drama ['male-frontal-nudity', 'male-rear-nudity', 'heart', 'violence', 'tahiti'] tt0422491
poster Oyster Farmer 2004 Comedy, Crime, Drama, Romance ['male-nudity', 'nudity', 'sexy-woman', 'oyster-farm', 'self-discovery'] tt0379918
poster Shem 2004 Drama ['bisexual', 'cult-film', 'judaism', 'prayer', 'train'] tt0406214
poster Brothers 2004 Drama, War ['afghanistan', 'prisoner', 'husband-wife-relationship', 'mental-breakdown', 'gun'] tt0386342
poster Dear Frankie 2004 Drama, Romance ['jackknife', 'payphone', 'telephone-booth', 'letter-writing', 'backpack'] tt0377752
poster The Holy Girl 2004 Drama ['hotel', '16-year-old', 'doctor', 'f-rated', 'tinnitus'] tt0300270
poster My Baby's Daddy 2004 Comedy ['fatherhood', 'talking-baby', 'animal-costume', 'rapper', 'break-up'] tt0332712
poster Or (My Treasure) 2004 Drama, Romance ['pantyhose', 'principal', 'no-music', 'watching-tv', 'pay-phone'] tt0388311
poster Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen 2004 Comedy, Family, Music, Romance ['suburb', 'band', 'new-york-city', 'friend', 'teenager'] tt0361467
poster Sleepover 2004 Comedy, Family, Romance ['best-friend', 'scavenger-hunt', 'party', 'sleepover', 'rival'] tt0368975
poster Hair Show 2004 Comedy, Romance ['hair-stylist', 'female-protagonist', 'beauty-salon'] tt0382561
poster We'll Meet Again 2004 Drama ['love', 'reunion', 'hospital', 'court', 'advertising-agency'] tt0422950
poster The Tollbooth 2004 Comedy ['jewish', 'f-rated', 'jew', 'family-relationships', 'sister'] tt0326292
poster Saving Face 2004 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['lesbian-love', 'mother-daughter-relationship', 'sex', 'bare-breasts', 'shanghai-china'] tt0384504
poster Killer Diller 2004 Drama, Music ['female-police-officer', 'halfway-house', 'band', 'thief', 'piano'] tt0369294
poster Girl Play 2004 Comedy ['lesbian', 'bare-breasts', 'lesbians-dancing', 'based-on-play', 'independent-film'] tt0416773
poster Yes 2004 Drama, Romance ['iambic-pentameter', 'restaurant', 'lebanese', 'loss', 'muslim'] tt0381717
poster The Blue Butterfly 2004 Drama, Adventure ['falling-downhill', 'insect-in-title', 'butterfly', 'rain', 'rain-forest'] tt0313300
poster The Life 2004 Drama ['bare-breasts', 'prostitution', 'prostitute', 'anal-sex', 'sex-talk'] tt0404552
poster Anatomy of Hell 2004 Drama ['sex-while-asleep', 'copulation', 'female-genitalia', 'female-full-frontal-nudity', 'bare-breasts'] tt0348529
poster Main Hoon Na 2004 Action, Comedy, Drama, Musical, Romance, Thriller ['college', 'pakistan', 'hostage', 'undercover', 'general'] tt0347473
poster Masti 2004 Comedy, Crime, Mystery, Thriller ['indian-sex-comedy', 'marriage', 'murder', 'infidelity', 'blackmail'] tt0406977
poster The Prince and Me 2004 Comedy, Family, Romance ['love', 'prince', 'king', 'denmark', 'wisconsin'] tt0337697
poster Ma vie en cinémascope 2004 Biography, Drama, Musical ['f-rated'] tt0396112
poster The Five of Us 2004 Crime, Drama ['watching-tv', 'lake', 'blood', 'f-rated', 'montreal-quebec'] tt0400400
poster Bride & Prejudice 2004 Comedy, Drama, Musical, Romance ['f-rated', 'elizabeth-bennet-character', 'mr-wickham-character', 'lydia-bennet-character', 'mr.-darcy-character'] tt0361411
poster Little Black Book 2004 Comedy, Romance, Drama ['gynecologist', 'blond-hair', 'caucasian', 'little-black-book', 'pink-panties'] tt0361841
poster Brodeuses - A Common Thread 2004 Drama, Romance ['embroidery', 'f-rated', 'lamprey-eel', 'killing-an-animal', 'rural-setting'] tt0387892
poster Love Don't Cost a Thing 2003 Comedy, Romance, Drama ['remake', 'bare-midriff', 'legs', 'leggy-woman', 'leggy-chick'] tt0337592
poster Take My Eyes 2003 Adventure, Drama, Romance ['male-pubic-hair', 'male-full-frontal-nudity', 'barefoot-woman', 'talking-after-sex', 'title-directed-by-female'] tt0350193
poster Something's Gotta Give 2003 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['matronizing', 'caribbean-island', 'columbia-tristar', 'sony', 'heart-attack'] tt0337741
poster The Forest for the Trees 2003 Drama ['teacher', 'loneliness', 'passiveness', 'emotional-breakdown', 'loner'] tt0386862
poster Wasabi Tuna 2003 Action, Comedy, Crime ['halloween', 'drag-queen', 'f-rated', 'halloween-party', 'wasabi-tuna-costume'] tt0348354
poster Under the Tuscan Sun 2003 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['villa', 'writer', 'book', 'vacation', 'author'] tt0328589
poster Since Otar Left 2003 Drama ['letter', 'f-rated', 'rural-setting', 'europe', 'title-character-not-the-main-character'] tt0336264
poster Gory Gory Hallelujah 2003 Comedy, Fantasy, Horror, Musical ['motorcycle', 'hippie', 'feminist', 'conspiracy', 'f-rated'] tt0396041
poster Monster 2003 Biography, Crime, Drama, Thriller ['prostitute', 'lesbian', 'female-killer', 'serial-killer', 'hooker'] tt0340855
poster What a Girl Wants 2003 Comedy, Drama, Family, Romance ['queen-elizabeth-ii-character', 'gender-in-title', 'girl-in-jeans', 'american', 'england'] tt0286788
poster Free Radicals 2003 Drama, Romance ['watching-tv', 'sex', 'friendship', 'friend', 'boy'] tt0372814
poster Virgin 2003 Drama ['losing-virginity', 'rape-of-a-virgin', 'teenager', 'f-rated', 'virgin'] tt0368411
poster Silent Waters 2003 Drama ['pakistan', 'village', 'widow', 'f-rated', 'mother'] tt0357283
poster Stander 2003 Action, Biography, Crime, Drama ['police', 'bank-robber', 'apartheid', 'protest', 'jailbreak'] tt0326208
poster Easy 2003 Comedy, Romance, Drama ['lust', 'sex-in-a-bed', 'adultery', 'promiscuous-daughter', 'promiscuous-woman'] tt0379270
poster Chasing Papi 2003 Comedy, Romance ['woman-wears-eyeglasses', 'virgo-the-astrological-sign', 'reference-to-capricorn-the-astrological-sign', 'blonde-woman', 'brunette-woman'] tt0323572
poster Legally Blonde 2 2003 Comedy ['beauty-salon', 'transvestism', 'the-white-house', 'pretty-thin-thing', 'washington-d.c.'] tt0333780
poster Thirteen 2003 Drama ['oral-sex', 'female-frontal-nudity', 'female-nudity', 'lesbian-kiss', 'title-written-by-female'] tt0328538
poster 18 Years Later 2003 Comedy, Romance ['f-rated', 'title-directed-by-female', 'sequel', 'second-part', 'male-female-relationship'] tt0271337
poster Japanese Story 2003 Drama, Romance ['japanese', 'australian', 'sexual-desire', 'sex-in-bed', 'female-rear-nudity'] tt0304229
poster How to Deal 2003 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['mother', 'sister', 'high-school', 'wedding', 'best-friend'] tt0319524
poster Nola 2003 Comedy, Romance ['character-name-as-title', 'forename-as-title', 'biological-father', 'personal-assistant', 'classified-ad'] tt0317950
poster Laurel Canyon 2002 Drama ['boyfriend-girlfriend-relationship', 'united-states-of-america', 'united-states', 'usa', "rock-'n'-roll"] tt0298408
poster Red Satin 2002 Drama, Musical, Romance ['female-protagonist', 'husband-wife-relationship', 'death-of-husband', 'mother-daughter-relationship', 'teenage-girl'] tt0300453
poster Manna from Heaven 2002 Comedy ['money', 'gift', 'heaven', 'manna', 'nun'] tt0248169
poster Whale Rider 2002 Drama, Family ['whale', 'maori', 'girl', 'tradition', 'new-zealand'] tt0298228
poster Personal Velocity 2002 Drama, Romance ['abusive-husband', 'hand-job', 'female-nudity', 'topless-female-nudity', 'sex-scene'] tt0295238
poster Rishtey 2002 Action, Drama ['judge', 'fisherwoman', 'husband-wife-reunion', 'love-triangle', 'unrequited-love'] tt0341549
poster New Best Friend 2002 Drama, Mystery, Thriller ['cunnilingus', 'college', 'college-student', 'debauchery', 'oral-sex'] tt0191074
poster Blue Car 2002 Drama ['poetry', 'contest', 'f-rated', 'teenage-girl', 'refusing-to-eat'] tt0290145
poster Morvern Callar 2002 Drama ['christmas', 'ibiza', 'two-women-in-bath-tub', 'female-rear-nudity', 'breasts'] tt0300214
poster Sex Is Comedy 2002 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['lust', 'female-removes-her-clothes', 'sex', 'rear-entry-sex', 'public-nudity'] tt0304678
poster Crossroads 2002 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['on-the-road', 'road-trip', 'childhood-friend', 'singer', 'road-movie'] tt0275022
poster Open Hearts 2002 Drama, Romance ['topless-female-nudity', 'breasts', 'bare-breasts', 'nude-girl', 'nudity'] tt0315543
poster Friday Night 2002 Drama, Romance ['traffic-jam', 'strike', 'stranger', 'dinner', 'sex-scene'] tt0295743
poster Civil Brand 2002 Drama, Thriller, Crime ['prison', 'friendship', 'prison-guard', 'abuse-of-power', 'title-directed-by-female'] tt0326806
poster Seaside 2002 Drama ['seaside', 'lifeguard', 'factory', 'f-rated', 'undressing'] tt0298126
poster Perfect Pie 2002 Drama ['best-friend', 'f-rated', 'multiple-time-frames', 'teenager', 'underwear'] tt0293899
poster The Guru 2002 Comedy, Music, Romance ['title-directed-by-female', 'porn-star', 'erotica', 'panties', 'female-nudity'] tt0280720
poster Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood 2002 Drama ['childhood-memory', 'reconciliation', 'friendship-between-women', 'mother-daughter-relationship', 'dysfunctional-family'] tt0279778
poster My Mother Likes Women 2002 Comedy, Drama ['sex-comedy', 'f-rated', 'czech-in-spain', 'czech-abroad', 'immigration-fraud'] tt0306432
poster Bollywood/Hollywood 2002 Romance, Comedy, Drama, Musical ['watching-tv', 'escort', 'wedding', 'hindu', 'indian'] tt0303785
poster K-19: The Widowmaker 2002 Drama, History, Thriller, War ['radiation-sickness', 'radioactive-contamination', 'soviet-union', 'submarine', 'nuclear-submarine'] tt0267626
poster He Loves Me... He Loves Me Not 2002 Romance, Thriller ['triple-f-rated', "woman-wears-a-man's-shirt", 'slasher', 'psychological', 'f-rated'] tt0291579
poster Real Women Have Curves 2002 Comedy, Drama ['united-states', 'usa', 'factory', 'mexican-american', 'latino'] tt0296166
poster Teknolust 2002 Comedy, Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi ['mechanical-man', 'hot', 'sex-scene', 'sexy', 'british-sex-comedy'] tt0270688
poster Big Girls Don't Cry 2002 Drama ['f-rated', 'barefoot-male', 'bare-chested-male', 'camera-shot-of-feet', 'camera-shot-of-bare-feet'] tt0291213
poster Twin Sisters 2002 Drama, Romance, War ['twins', 'nazi-germany', 'holocaust', 'ss-officer', '1930s'] tt0322674
poster L'odyssée d'Alice Tremblay 2002 Comedy, Family, Fantasy ['f-rated'] tt0302882
poster Ashoka the Great 2001 Action, Biography, Drama, History, Romance, War ['indian-history', 'character-name-as-title', 'one-word-title', 'emperor', 'prince'] tt0249371
poster Under the Skin of the City 2001 Drama ['textile-factory', 'f-rated', 'title-directed-by-female', 'social-problem'] tt0250125
poster Lovely & Amazing 2001 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['handmade-wallpaper', 'cigarette-smoking', 'coma', 'watching-tv', 'taxi'] tt0258273
poster Smokers Only 2001 Drama, Romance ['roller-skating', 'male-prostitute', 'suicidal', 'f-rated', 'shower'] tt0303396
poster No Turning Back 2001 Action, Adventure, Drama, Thriller ['daughter', 'f-rated', 'undressing', 'shower', 'bare-chested-male'] tt0253335
poster The Bread, My Sweet 2001 Drama, Romance ['italian', 'f-rated', 'food-in-title', 'italian-american', 'food'] tt0281680
poster Mostly Martha 2001 Comedy, Romance, Drama ['triple-f-rated', 'f-rated', 'chef', 'cooking', 'therapy'] tt0246772
poster Sugar & Spice 2001 Comedy, Crime ['dream-girl', 'generation-y', 'seductive-behavior', 'attempted-seduction', 'title-directed-by-female'] tt0186589
poster Rain 2001 Drama, Romance ['vacation', 'marriage', 'photographer', 'summer', 'seaside'] tt0287645
poster Zus & Zo 2001 Comedy, Fantasy, Romance ['title-directed-by-female', 'title-written-by-female', 'hotel', 'portugal', 'gay'] tt0245157
poster Joe Dirt 2001 Adventure, Comedy, Drama ['mini-skirt', 'blonde', 'mullet-haircut', 'white-trash', 'psychopath'] tt0245686
poster Monsoon Wedding 2001 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['wedding', 'title-directed-by-female', 'bride', 'marriage', 'celebration'] tt0265343
poster 30 Years to Life 2001 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['african-american', 'f-rated', 'turning-thirty', 'friendship', 'number-in-title'] tt0273048
poster Gaudi Afternoon 2001 Comedy, Drama, Mystery ['lesbian', 'title-directed-by-female', 'talking-on-telephone', 'cigarette-smoking', 'strong-female-character'] tt0235412
poster Lost and Delirious 2001 Drama, Romance ["girls'-boarding-school", 'teenage-sexuality', 'lesbian-romance', 'lesbian-relationship', 'lesbian'] tt0245238
poster Charlotte Gray 2001 Drama, Romance, Thriller, War ['1940s', 'character-name-as-title', 'train-station', 'resistance', 'french-resistance'] tt0245046
poster Down and Out with the Dolls 2001 Comedy, Music ['female-protagonist', 'portland-oregon', 'female-singer', 'female-drummer', 'female-bassist'] tt0283323
poster Tortilla Soup 2001 Comedy, Romance, Drama ['mexican-american', 'chef', 'college-student', 'career-woman', 'divorcee'] tt0255653
poster Acts of Worship 2001 Drama ['photographer', 'friend', 'addiction', 'f-rated', 'manhattan-new-york-city'] tt0275182
poster Very Annie Mary 2001 Comedy, Musical ['horse-race-bet', 'village', 'baker', 'church-service', 'tenor'] tt0188128
poster Christmas in the Clouds 2001 Comedy, Family, Romance ['christmas', 'christmas-in-title', 'holiday-in-title', 'four-word-title', 'christmas-movie'] tt0221074
poster My First Mister 2001 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['intergenerational-friendship', 'teenage-girl', 'goth-girl', 'piercing', 'tattoo'] tt0206963
poster Friends and Family 2001 Comedy, Crime ['john-f.-kennedy-international-airport', 'new-york-city-new-york', 'gay', 'surprise-visit', 'catholic'] tt0206762
poster American Adobo 2001 Comedy, Romance ['watching-tv', 'male-rear-nudity', 'male-nudity', 'manhattan-new-york-city', 'justice'] tt0294289
poster Fat Girl 2001 Drama ['female-frontal-nudity', 'breasts', 'sexuality', 'nudity', 'loss-of-virginity'] tt0243255
poster God Is Great and I'm Not 2001 Comedy, Romance ['anti-semitism', 'jewish', 'veterinarian', 'judaism', 'reference-to-the-old-testament'] tt0287986
poster I Am Sam 2001 Drama ['child-custody', 'single-father', 'custody-battle', 'foster-parent', 'father-daughter-relationship'] tt0277027
poster Gasoline 2001 Crime, Drama, Romance ['gas-station', 'held-at-gunpoint', 'on-the-run', 'female-nudity', 'based-on-novel'] tt0302309
poster Chaos 2001 Comedy, Drama, Crime ['revenge', 'rape-and-revenge', 'pimp', 'hospital', 'coma'] tt0265116
poster An American Rhapsody 2001 Drama ['year-1950', '15-year-old', '15-year-old-girl', 'teenage-girl-as-protagonist', 'teenage-protagonist'] tt0221799
poster Riding in Cars with Boys 2001 Biography, Comedy, Drama ['single-mother', 'writer', 'pregnant-teenager', 'father-daughter-relationship', 'drug-addiction'] tt0200027
poster Nowhere in Africa 2001 Biography, Drama, History ['farm', 'kenya', 'jew', 'tween-girl', 'food-shortage'] tt0161860
poster The Amati Girls 2000 Drama ['f-rated', 'independent-film'] tt0213446
poster The Man Who Cried 2000 Drama, Music, Romance, War ['gypsy', 'village', 'russian', 'dancing', 'england'] tt0206917
poster Return to Me 2000 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['scar', 'survey', 'blood', 'hospital', 'looking-at-oneself-in-a-mirror'] tt0122459
poster Committed 2000 Comedy, Drama ['breakup', 'dog', 'texas-mexico-border', 'escape-from-a-mental-institution', 'committed-to-asylum'] tt0144142
poster Songcatcher 2000 Drama, Music ['title-directed-by-female', 'song', 'mountain', 'university', 'musician'] tt0210299
poster 28 Days 2000 Comedy, Drama ['wedding', 'rehabilitation', 'triple-f-rated', 'f-rated', 'sister-sister-relationship'] tt0191754
poster Lucky Numbers 2000 Comedy, Crime ['woman-on-top', 'movie-flop', 'ends-with-freeze-frame', 'weatherman', 'lottery'] tt0219952
poster Beautiful 2000 Comedy, Drama ['one-word-title', 'f-rated', 'title-directed-by-female', 'male-objectification', 'reference-to-penis-size'] tt0210567
poster Thomas and the Magic Railroad 2000 Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Family, Fantasy ['2000s', 'anthropomorphic-train', 'sodor', 'magic-gold-dust', 'gold-dust'] tt0205461
poster Secret Society 2000 Comedy ['f-rated', 'female-nudity', 'independent-film'] tt0217788
poster Woman on Top 2000 Comedy, Fantasy, Romance ['television-show', 'motion-sickness', 'brazilian', 'brazil', 'female-protagonist'] tt0206420
poster Italian for Beginners 2000 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['church', 'hotel', 'restaurant', 'italian-class', 'bakery'] tt0243862
poster The In Crowd 2000 Drama, Mystery, Thriller ['three-word-title', 'female-frontal-nudity', 'title-directed-by-female', 'female-protagonist', 'villainess'] tt0163676
poster What Women Want 2000 Comedy, Fantasy, Romance ['advertising', 'telepathy', 'f-rated', 'pantyhose', 'ex-husband-ex-wife-relationship'] tt0207201
poster Tully 2000 Drama ['character-name-as-title', 'forename-as-title', 'rancher', 'nebraska', 'watching-a-movie'] tt0212604
poster Girlfight 2000 Drama, Sport ['boxing-match', 'female-protagonist', 'female-boxer', 'f-rated', 'directorial-debut'] tt0210075
poster The Tigger Movie 2000 Animation, Comedy, Drama, Family, Musical ['friendship', 'cartoon-tiger', 'winnie-the-pooh', 'animal-character-name-as-title', 'half-dressed-cartoon-animal'] tt0220099
poster Pay It Forward 2000 Drama ['social-studies', 'teacher', 'boy', 'good-deed', 'alcoholism'] tt0223897
poster Loser 2000 Comedy, Romance ['loser', 'college-student', 'male-in-underwear', 'condom', 'toothbrush'] tt0217630
poster Love & Sex 2000 Comedy, Romance, Drama ['seductive-behavior', 'painter', 'magazine-writer', 'reference-to-german-expressionism', 'jealous-exboyfriend'] tt0234137
poster Km. 0 - Kilometer Zero 2000 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['spain', 'flamenco', 'madrid-spain', 'gigolo', 'flamenco-dancer'] tt0251777
poster Autumn in New York 2000 Drama, Romance ['usa', 'united-states', 'falling-in-love', 'new-york-city', 'terminal-illness'] tt0174480
poster Nora 2000 Biography, Drama ['jealousy', 'love-letters', 'love-affair', 'dublin-ireland', 'writing'] tt0158033
poster Holy Smoke 1999 Comedy, Drama ['sex-scene', 'lesbian', 'lesbian-kiss', 'man-wears-a-dress', 'slapstick-comedy'] tt0144715
poster Guinevere 1999 Drama, Romance ['photographer', 'bohemian', 'dying', 'money', 'friend'] tt0160338
poster Soft Fruit 1999 Comedy, Drama ['two-word-title', 'directorial-debut', 'food-in-title', 'metaphoric-title', 'husband-wife-relationship'] tt0180181
poster Set Me Free 1999 Drama, Romance ['title-directed-by-female', 'female-protagonist', 'reference-to-anna-karina', 'kiss', 'polish-immigrant'] tt0148103
poster Boys Don't Cry 1999 Biography, Crime, Drama, Romance ['transgender', 'prejudice', 'sexual-assault', 'sex', 'based-on-true-story'] tt0171804
poster Better Than Chocolate 1999 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['sex', 'sex-change', 'sex-toy', 'black-panties', 'panties'] tt0168987
poster The Astronaut's Wife 1999 Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller ['astronaut', 'mission', 'electrocuted-in-bathtub', 'sister', 'pilot'] tt0138304
poster The Third Miracle 1999 Drama ['priest', 'bishop', 'beatification', 'crisis-of-faith', 'miracle'] tt0174268
poster The 24 Hour Woman 1999 Comedy ['tv-producer', 'fictional-variety-show', 'f-rated', 'nervous-breakdown', 'cross-dressing'] tt0138279
poster Me Myself I 1999 Comedy, Romance ['barefoot-female', 'directorial-debut', 'australian', 'australian-fantasy', 'parallel-world'] tt0183503
poster Laura Cadieux... la suite 1999 Comedy ['f-rated', 'slapstick-comedy', 'irreverence', 'episodic-structure', 'working-class'] tt0207363
poster Coming Soon 1999 Comedy, Romance ['sex-scene', 'prep-school', 'ecstasy-the-drug', 'marijuana', 'dysfunctional-family'] tt0150176
poster Ratcatcher 1999 Drama ['fantasy-sequence', 'neighbor', 'moving', 'hope', 'friendship'] tt0171685
poster La bûche 1999 Comedy, Drama ['christmas', 'pregnancy', 'singing', 'restaurant', 'grave'] tt0211286
poster Romance 1999 Drama, Romance ['vulva', 'bondage', 'ejaculation', 'anal-sex', 'female-full-frontal-nudity'] tt0194314
poster Wonderland 1999 Drama ['breasts', 'pubic-hair', 'male-pubic-hair', 'name', 'pantyhose'] tt0171865
poster Forces of Nature 1999 Comedy, Romance ['love', 'usa', 'united-states', 'united-states-of-america', 'wedding'] tt0141098
poster Jesus' Son 1999 Drama ['title-directed-by-female', 'female-nudity', 'female-frontal-nudity', 'watching-tv', 'jesus-in-title'] tt0186253
poster New Waterford Girl 1999 Comedy ['religious-parent', 'vomiting', 'teen-movie', 'new-york', 'catholic'] tt0213121
poster Sugar Town 1999 Comedy, Music ['pregnant-character-played-by-pregnant-actress', 'female-nudity', 'topless-female-nudity', 'nude-pregnant-woman', 'music-producer'] tt0173390
poster The Virgin Suicides 1999 Drama, Romance ['suicide', 'catholic', '1970s', 'teen-suicide', 'overprotective-parent'] tt0159097
poster A Slipping-Down Life 1999 Drama, Music, Romance ['singer', 'north-carolina', 'radio', 'f-rated', 'pregnant-bride'] tt0162662
poster But I'm a Cheerleader 1999 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['lesbian', 'cheerleader', 'lesbian-relationship', 'lesbian-teen', 'lesbian-kiss'] tt0179116
poster Ravenous 1999 Adventure, Comedy, Horror ['cannibalism', 'cannibal', 'homoeroticism', "twirling-one's-mustache", 'mexican-american-war'] tt0129332
poster Ride 1998 Comedy ['f-rated', 'one-word-title', 'flatulence', 'hip-hop', 'independent-film'] tt0120707
poster Whatever 1998 Drama ['sex', 'drugs', 'new-jersey', 'high-school', 'art-teacher'] tt0140688
poster Twice Upon a Yesterday 1998 Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance ['actor', 'spanish', 'love', 'destiny', 'award-ceremony'] tt0138590
poster Polish Wedding 1998 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['large-family', 'children', 'f-rated', 'pole-the-person', 'foot-closeup'] tt0119910
poster The Terrorist 1998 Drama ['terrorist', 'assassination', 'suicide-bomber', 'suicide-mission', 'pregnancy'] tt0169302
poster Deep Impact 1998 Action, Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi, Thriller ['disaster', 'comet', 'saving-the-world-mission', 'giant-wave', 'president'] tt0120647
poster Dance with Me 1998 Drama, Music, Romance ['dance-movie', 'dance', 'dancer', 'dance-studio', 'cuban'] tt0120576
poster The Prince of Egypt 1998 Animation, Adventure, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Musical ['hebrew', 'ancient-egypt', 'bible-story', 'pharaoh', 'miracle'] tt0120794
poster Finding North 1998 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['gay', 'coming-out', 'queer-cinema', 'gay-relationship', 'aids'] tt0124555
poster Xiu Xiu: The Sent-Down Girl 1998 Drama ['triple-f-rated', 'china', 'revolution', 'nipple', 'f-rated'] tt0115005
poster Caught Up 1998 Crime, Drama, Thriller ['diamond', 'jamaican', 'betrayal', 'murder', 'switchblade'] tt0119988
poster The Governess 1998 Drama, Romance ['male-frontal-nudity', 'male-nudity', 'digging', 'bare-chested-male', 'barefoot-male'] tt0120687
poster You've Got Mail 1998 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['dog', 'bookstore', 'internet', 'new-york-city', 'shop-owner'] tt0128853
poster Why Do Fools Fall in Love 1998 Biography, Drama, Music ['widow', 'doo-wop', 'singer', 'estate', 'money'] tt0123324
poster Strike! 1998 Comedy ['male-objectification', 'school-expulsion', 'all-girls-school', 'feminism', 'vomiting'] tt0120692
poster Down in the Delta 1998 Drama ['f-rated', 'watching-tv', 'triple-f-rated', 'reference-to-popeyes-restaurant', 'meat-processing-plant'] tt0142231
poster Slums of Beverly Hills 1998 Comedy, Drama ['coming-of-age', 'sexual-awakening', 'on-the-lam', 'virgin', 'uncle-niece-relationship'] tt0120831
poster Star Kid 1997 Adventure, Family, Sci-Fi ['cult-film', 'young-boy', 'child-hero', 'cybersuit', 'junkyard'] tt0120478
poster The Sticky Fingers of Time 1997 Sci-Fi ['triple-f-rated', 'writer', 'future', 'time-travel', 'f-rated'] tt0127302
poster All Over Me 1997 Crime, Drama, Romance ['lesbian', 'youth-culture', 'drugs', 'homophobia', 'best-friend'] tt0118586
poster Eve's Bayou 1997 Drama ['doctor', 'louisiana', 'two-word-title', 'witchcraft', 'trance'] tt0119080
poster Under the Skin 1997 Drama ['golden-shower', 'feminist-film', 'title-directed-by-female', 'sister', 'best-friend'] tt0124185
poster Spice World 1997 Comedy, Family, Music ['bad-movie', 'trash-movie', 'celebrity', 'girl-band', 'female-bonding'] tt0120185
poster A Thousand Acres 1997 Drama ['farm', 'iowa', 'jealousy', 'disinheritance', 'domineering-father'] tt0120323
poster Mrs Dalloway 1997 Drama, Romance ['england', 'love', 'friendship-between-girls', 'female-friendship', 'friendship'] tt0119723
poster Clockwatchers 1997 Comedy, Drama ['office', 'office-politics', 'temporary-worker', 'pantyhose', 'black-pantyhose'] tt0118866
poster The Peacemaker 1997 Action, Thriller ['time-bomb', 'murder-of-a-child', 'shooting-a-child', 'shooting-a-child-in-the-chest', 'shooting-a-child-in-the-head'] tt0119874
poster I Love You, Don't Touch Me! 1997 Comedy, Romance ['virgin', 'f-rated', 'written-and-directed-by-cast-member', 'title-directed-by-female', 'female-frontal-nudity'] tt0130019
poster Office Killer 1997 Comedy, Crime, Horror, Thriller ['getting-away-with-murder', 'title-directed-by-female', 'slasher', 'workplace-romance', 'socially-awkward'] tt0119819
poster Washington Square 1997 Drama, Romance ['mercenary', 'wetting-pants', 'simple-minded-person', 'dead-body', 'sex'] tt0120481
poster Dry Cleaning 1997 Comedy, Drama ['anal-sex', 'gay-sex', 'adulterous-wife', 'unfaithful-wife', 'cheating-wife'] tt0119773
poster Pippi Longstocking 1997 Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Musical ['character-name-as-title', 'child', 'pippi-longstocking-character', 'foreign-language-adaptation', 'family-relationships'] tt0119899
poster Oscar and Lucinda 1997 Drama, Romance ['glass', 'church', 'wager', 'inheritance', 'gambling'] tt0119843
poster Buddy 1997 Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Family ['eccentric-woman', 'gorilla', 'socialite', 'chimpanzee', '1930s'] tt0118787
poster Out to Sea 1997 Comedy, Romance ['hare-krishna', 'f-rated', 'broad-as-slang-for-woman', 'cruise', 'brother-in-law'] tt0119848
poster Chicago Cab 1997 Comedy, Drama ['rape', 'hospital', 'pakistani', 'lawyer', 'city-name-in-title'] tt0119278
poster Black Sheep 1996 Comedy ['clumsiness', 'embarrassment', 'political-campaign', 'slapstick-comedy', 'politics'] tt0115697
poster Foxfire 1996 Drama ['teenage-girl', 'scantily-clad-female', 'lesbian-kiss', 'kicked-in-the-balls', 'abusive-teacher'] tt0116353
poster The Portrait of a Lady 1996 Drama, Romance ['based-on-novel', 'period-drama', 'american', 'art', 'girl'] tt0117364
poster Dream for an Insomniac 1996 Romance, Comedy, Drama ['friend', 'dream', 'insomnia', 'f-rated', 'toronto'] tt0116141
poster Michael 1996 Comedy, Drama, Fantasy ['reporter', 'archangel-michael', 'angel', 'road-trip', 'dog'] tt0117038
poster Walking and Talking 1996 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['wedding-day', 'can', 'garden-party', 'party', 'lack-of-money'] tt0118113
poster Wedding Bell Blues 1996 Comedy, Romance ['public-nudity', 'female-removes-her-dress', 'f-rated', 'sexy-woman', 'sexy'] tt0118127
poster Beyond Silence 1996 Drama, Music ['sign-language', 'clarinet', 'love', 'hope', 'gallaudet-university'] tt0116692
poster Manny & Lo 1996 Comedy, Drama ['pregnancy', 'watching-tv', 'urination', 'telephone-call', 'teenage-girl'] tt0116985
poster The First Wives Club 1996 Comedy ['friendship', 'friendship-between-women', 'three-friends', 'fashionable-girls', 'damage'] tt0116313
poster Love Serenade 1996 Comedy, Crime, Drama, Romance ['reference-to-the-5th-dimension-the-band', 'radio-station', 'hope-chest', 'chinese-restaurant', 'radio'] tt0116930
poster The Rich Man's Wife 1996 Thriller ['widow', 'detective', 'interrogation', 'death-of-husband', 'suspect'] tt0117473
poster I Shot Andy Warhol 1996 Biography, Drama ['true-crime', 'misandry', 'shooting', 'feminist', 'feminism'] tt0116594
poster Will It Snow for Christmas? 1996 Drama ['south-of-france', 'southern-france', 'rural-setting', 'farm', 'farmer'] tt0118201
poster Harriet the Spy 1996 Comedy, Drama, Family ['white-lie', 'indiscretion', 'shunning', 'retaliation', 'writer'] tt0116493
poster Female Perversions 1996 Drama, Fantasy, Thriller ['bisexuality', 'lesbian', 'legs', 'leggy-woman', 'leggy-chick'] tt0116293
poster Girls Town 1996 Comedy, Drama ['high-school', 'suicide', 'rape-victim', 'domestic-violence', 'flashback'] tt0116418
poster A Chef in Love 1996 Comedy, Romance ['gourmet', 'cooking', 'food', 'woman-smokes-a-cigar', 'cigar-smoking'] tt0117050
poster Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love 1996 Crime, Drama, History, Romance ['seduction', 'massage', 'folk-dancing', 'spitting-on-someone', 'woman-with-a-bare-midriff'] tt0116743
poster The Preacher's Wife 1996 Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance ['divine-intervention', 'african-american', 'remake', 'christmas', 'literature-on-screen'] tt0117372
poster Beautiful Thing 1996 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['council-estate', 'balcony', 'sexual-attraction', 'gay-crush', 'family-relationships'] tt0115640
poster Boys 1996 Drama, Mystery, Romance ['preparatory-school', 'f-rated', 'teenager', 'teenage-boy', 'riding-accident'] tt0115742
poster Grace of My Heart 1996 Comedy, Drama, Music ['songwriter', 'singer-songwriter', 'title-directed-by-female', 'topless-female-nudity', 'rock-band'] tt0116442
poster The Perez Family 1995 Comedy, Romance, Drama ['family-character-name-as-title', 'husband-wife-estrangement', 'reference-to-fidel-castro', 'sugar-cane-plantation', 'agricultural-workers'] tt0114113
poster Mad Love 1995 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['hitchhiking', 'brief-female-frontal-nudity', 'attempted-suicide', 'voyeur', 'love'] tt0113729
poster Now and Then 1995 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['1970s', 'year-1991', '1990s', 'year-1970', 'coming-of-age'] tt0114011
poster Tank Girl 1995 Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi ['desert', 'tank', '21st-century', '2030s', 'female-protagonist'] tt0114614
poster Three Wishes 1995 Drama, Fantasy ['son', 'drifter', 'dog', 'baseball', 'flying-boy'] tt0114663
poster Billy Madison 1995 Comedy ['crude-humor', 'teacher-student-relationship', 'banana-peel', 'high-school-graduation', 'academic-decathlon'] tt0112508
poster Clueless 1995 Comedy, Romance ['virgin', 'high-school', 'valley-girl', 'blonde-girl', 'female-protagonist'] tt0112697
poster The Baby-Sitters Club 1995 Comedy, Drama, Family ['cake', 'blowing-out-a-candle', 'examination', 'club-the-organization', 'downpour'] tt0112435
poster Home for the Holidays 1995 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['thanksgiving', 'gay-sibling', 'female-protagonist', 'dysfunctional-family', 'gay-interest'] tt0113321
poster When Night Is Falling 1995 Drama, Romance ['christian', 'teacher', 'scissoring', 'tribadism', 'interracial-lesbians'] tt0114916
poster Tarantella 1995 Drama ['f-rated', 'photography', 'friendship', 'independent-film'] tt0114616
poster Live Nude Girls 1995 Comedy ['leg-spreading', 'breasts', 'spanking', 'lesbian-kiss', 'tryst'] tt0113674
poster Total Eclipse 1995 Biography, Drama, Romance ['poet', '1870s', 'pregnant-wife', 'absinthe', 'gay'] tt0114702
poster Unstrung Heroes 1995 Comedy, Drama ['uncle-nephew-relationship', 'terminal-illness', 'based-on-memoir', 'eccentricity', 'hotel'] tt0114798
poster The Big Green 1995 Comedy, Family, Sport ['close-up-of-eyes', 'texas', 'fast-motion', 'sports-team', 'soccer'] tt0112499
poster The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love 1995 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['interracial-lesbian-sex', 'title-directed-by-female', 'interrupted-lesbian-sex', 'lesbian', 'friend'] tt0113416
poster Of Love and Shadows 1994 Drama, Romance, Thriller, War ['chile', 'lust', 'dictatorship', 'based-on-novel', 'resistance-movement'] tt0110712
poster Loaded 1994 Drama, Thriller, Mystery ['male-frontal-nudity', 'male-nudity', 'male-rear-nudity', 'amateur-filmmakers', 'making-a-movie'] tt0110374
poster Picture Bride 1994 Drama, Romance ['hawaii', 'f-rated', 'japanese-in-hawaii', 'death', 'loveless-marriage'] tt0114129
poster Sister My Sister 1994 Drama, Thriller ['lesbian-incest', 'sister-sister-incest', 'maid', 'incest', 'lesbian-sex'] tt0111205
poster Go Fish 1994 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['directorial-debut', 'all-female-crew', 'african-american', 'black-american', 'female-professor'] tt0109913
poster Mixed Nuts 1994 Comedy, Drama ['farce', 'christmas', 'veterinarian', 'christmas-eve', 'remake-of-french-film'] tt0110538
poster I Like It Like That 1994 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['first-person-title', 'male-objectification', 'dance-scene', 'tank-top', 'title-directed-by-female'] tt0110091
poster Bar Girls 1994 Drama ['some-scenes-animated', 'down-blouse', 'trying-on-clothes', 'playing-pool', 'dancing'] tt0109217
poster Renaissance Man 1994 Comedy, Drama ['teacher', 'basic-training', 'u.s.-army', 'unemployment', 'teacher-student-relationship'] tt0110971
poster Trading Mom 1994 Comedy, Family, Fantasy ['young-girl', 'f-rated', 'brother-sister-relationship', "child's-point-of-view", 'single-mother'] tt0111470
poster A Business Affair 1994 Comedy, Romance ['f-rated', 'female-nudity', 'independent-film', 'based-on-book'] tt0109352
poster Black Beauty 1994 Adventure, Drama, Family, Romance ['horse-movie', 'character-name-as-title', 'colt', '1870s', 'horse'] tt0109279
poster Double Happiness 1994 Drama, Romance ['chinese', 'chinese-canadian', 'title-directed-by-female', 'actress', 'canadian'] tt0109655
poster Priest 1994 Drama, Romance ['church', 'catholic-priest', 'homosexual', 'sexual-repression', 'liverpool-england'] tt0110889
poster The Beans of Egypt, Maine 1994 Drama ["woman-wears-a-man's-shirt", 'rape', 'poverty', 'f-rated', 'rural-setting'] tt0109226
poster Ghost in the Machine 1993 Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller ['title-directed-by-female', 'supernatural-horror', 'movie-reality-crossover', 'slasher', 'computer'] tt0107009
poster The Piano 1993 Drama, Music, Romance ['mute', 'adultery', 'piano', 'mute-woman', 'f-rated'] tt0107822
poster CB4 1993 Comedy, Music ['singing', 'satirical', 'parody', 'rap', 'rap-music'] tt0106500
poster Bhaji on the Beach 1993 Comedy, Drama ['england', 'f-rated', 'generation-gap', 'seaside', 'tradition-versus-modernity'] tt0106408
poster Sleepless in Seattle 1993 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['radio-show', 'seattle-washington', 'colleague', 'diner', 'waitress'] tt0108160
poster The Secret Garden 1993 Drama, Family, Fantasy ['garden', 'costume-drama', 'english-garden', 'robin', 'mansion'] tt0108071
poster The Ballad of Little Jo 1993 Drama, Romance, Western ['title-directed-by-female', 'mining', 'f-rated', 'death-of-hero', 'death-of-protagonist'] tt0106350
poster Lost in Yonkers 1993 Comedy, Drama ['literature-on-screen', 'american-literature-on-screen', 'humoristic-literature-on-screen', 'american-humoristic-literature-on-screen', '20th-century-literature-on-screen'] tt0107443
poster Household Saints 1993 Drama ['triple-f-rated', 'saint', 'italian-american', 'catholic', 'f-rated'] tt0107152
poster Mi vida loca 1993 Crime, Drama ['chicano', 'hispanic', 'generation-x', 'hood', 'single-mother'] tt0107566
poster Pet Sematary II 1992 Fantasy, Horror ['death-of-mother', 'pet-cemetery', 'car-accident', 'kitten', 'sequel'] tt0105128
poster A League of Their Own 1992 Comedy, Drama, Sport ['baseball', 'sports-team', "women's-sports", 'friendship-between-women', 'baseball-movie'] tt0104694
poster Orlando 1992 Biography, Drama, Fantasy, Romance ['female-protagonist', 'england', 'epic', 'eternal-youth', 'ambiguity'] tt0107756
poster Buffy the Vampire Slayer 1992 Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Horror ['mentor-student-relationship', 'destiny', 'high-school', 'coming-of-age', 'teenage-girl'] tt0103893
poster My New Gun 1992 Comedy ['satire', 'triple-f-rated', 'suburbia', 'gun', 'neighbor'] tt0104954
poster This Is My Life 1992 Drama ['stand-up', 'comedian', 'f-rated', 'four-word-title', 'aspiring-stand-up-comedienne'] tt0105577
poster Love Crimes 1992 Romance, Thriller ['seduction', 'female-star-appears-nude', 'erotica', 'female-pubic-hair', 'sex-scene'] tt0102340
poster The Last Days of Chez Nous 1992 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['toilet', 'watching-television', 'sex-scene', 'tourist', 'australia'] tt0104685
poster Poison Ivy 1992 Drama, Thriller ['female-bonding', 'teenage-girl', 'seduction', 'erotic-thriller', 'unfaithful-husband'] tt0105156
poster Roadside Prophets 1992 Adventure, Comedy, Drama ['directorial-debut', 'surrealism', 'sidekick', '1957-harley-davidson', 'harley-davidson'] tt0105267
poster Dr. Giggles 1992 Comedy, Drama, Horror, Mystery, Thriller ['condom', 'overhearing-sex', 'syringe', 'ferris-wheel', 'beer'] tt0104139
poster Just Another Girl on the I.R.T. 1992 Drama ['triple-f-rated', 'african-american', 'hood', 'gender-in-title', 'subway'] tt0104575
poster Wayne's World 1992 Comedy, Music ['public-access', 'headbanging', 'breaking-the-fourth-wall', 'based-on-sketch-comedy', 'reference-to-blazing-saddles'] tt0105793
poster Crush 1992 Drama ['literary-critic', 'f-rated', 'title-directed-by-female', 'masturbation', 'brain-damage'] tt0104033
poster Gas Food Lodging 1992 Drama, Romance ['single-mother', 'trailer', 'waitress', 'trailer-park', 'truck-stop'] tt0104321
poster Nuit et jour 1991 Drama ['taxi', 'flat', 'f-rated', 'love-triangle', 'female-nudity'] tt0102566
poster Proof 1991 Drama, Romance ['obsession', 'trust', 'restaurant', 'proof', 'photographer'] tt0102721
poster Paradise 1991 Drama ["child's-point-of-view", 'loss-of-son', 'female-nudity', 'bare-breasts', 'bullying'] tt0102631
poster Rambling Rose 1991 Drama ['1930s', 'american-south', 'sexuality', 'sexual-awakening', 'seduction'] tt0102753
poster Dogfight 1991 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['toothless-girl', 'feminist-film', 'year-1963', 'john-f.-kennedy-assassination', 'unattractive-woman'] tt0101748
poster Danzón 1991 Drama ['dance', 'f-rated', 'one-word-title', 'telephone-operator', 'affair'] tt0101658
poster Mississippi Masala 1991 Drama, Romance ['uganda', 'mississippi', 'africa', 'sucking-breast', 'motel'] tt0102456
poster Point Break 1991 Action, Crime, Thriller ['surfer', 'bank-robbery', 'title-directed-by-female', 'male-bonding', 'robbery'] tt0102685
poster Rush 1991 Action, Crime, Drama, Romance, Thriller ['billiards', 'police-officer', 'watching-television', 'payphone', 'telephone-booth'] tt0102820
poster Thelma & Louise 1991 Adventure, Crime, Drama ['female-protagonist', 'female-bonding', 'waitress', 'friendship', 'fugitive'] tt0103074
poster Mortal Thoughts 1991 Mystery, Thriller ['neo-noir', 'detective', 'friend', 'best-friend', 'murder'] tt0102469
poster Father of the Bride 1991 Comedy, Family, Romance ['father-daughter-relationship', 'wedding-planning', 'husband-wife-relationship', 'father-of-the-bride', 'wedding'] tt0101862
poster Impulse 1990 Crime, Drama, Thriller ['vice-squad', 'prostitution', 'neo-noir', 'prostitute', 'female-frontal-nudity'] tt0099832
poster An Angel at My Table 1990 Biography, Drama ['new-zealand', 'writer', 'based-on-autobiography', 'based-on-novel', 'f-rated'] tt0099040
poster Thousand Pieces of Gold 1990 Romance, Western ['idaho', 'f-rated', 'chinese-american', 'female-protagonist', 'asian-american'] tt0100774
poster Blue Steel 1990 Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller ['new-york-city', 'neo-noir', 'police', 'chase', 'rape'] tt0099160
poster C'est la vie 1990 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['female-nudity', 'topless-female-nudity', 'triple-f-rated', 'two-daughters', 'sister-sister-relationship'] tt0099200
poster Awakenings 1990 Biography, Drama ['psychiatric-hospital', 'drug-testing', 'catatonia', 'encephalitis-lethargica', 'year-1969'] tt0099077
poster Look Who's Talking Too 1990 Comedy, Family, Romance ['baby', 'potty-training', 'childbirth', 'toddler', 'sequel'] tt0100050
poster Slumber Party Massacre III 1990 Comedy, Horror ['characters-murdered-one-by-one', 'murder-of-a-nude-woman', 'maniac', 'girl-wears-pajamas', 'girl-wears-boxer-shorts'] tt0100639
poster Postcards from the Edge 1990 Comedy, Drama ['drug-rehabilitation', 'alcoholism', 'domineering-mother', 'female-protagonist', 'drug-overdose'] tt0100395
poster China Cry: A True Story 1990 Biography, Drama, History, Romance, Thriller, War ['1950s', 'girl', 'colonel', 'cold-war', 'lecture'] tt0101578
poster Stanley & Iris 1990 Drama, Romance ['car', 'automobile', 'character-names-as-title', 'forenames-as-title', 'love'] tt0100680
poster The Handmaid's Tale 1990 Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi, Thriller ['fundamentalist-religion', 'dystopia', 'pantyhose', 'impregnation', 'totalitarian-state'] tt0099731
poster The Lemon Sisters 1989 Comedy, Drama ['f-rated', '1980s', 'friend', 'fruit-in-title', 'three-word-title'] tt0100003
poster Look Who's Talking 1989 Comedy ['baby', 'trilogy', 'birth', 'single-mother', 'baby-boy'] tt0097778
poster Sweetie 1989 Comedy, Drama ['male-full-frontal-nudity', 'female-frontal-nudity', 'tree-planting', 'riding-a-man-like-a-horse', 'kiddie-pool'] tt0098725
poster Cookie 1989 Comedy, Crime ['title-directed-by-female', 'character-name-as-title', 'nickname-as-title', 'rebellious-girl', 'rebellious-woman'] tt0097109
poster Shag 1989 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['post-punk', 'cootie-catcher', 'road-trip', 'myrtle-beach-south-carolina', 'reference-to-clemson-university'] tt0098300
poster True Love 1989 Comedy, Romance ['argument', 'uncertainty', 'f-rated', 'vomiting', 'title-directed-by-female'] tt0098528
poster She-Devil 1989 Comedy ['revenge', 'infidelity', 'extramarital-affair', 'dysfunctional-marriage', 'romance-novel'] tt0098309
poster When Harry Met Sally... 1989 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['male-female-friendship', 'opposites-attract', 'fake-orgasm', 'new-york', 'pessimist'] tt0098635
poster Lisa 1989 Drama, Horror, Thriller ['character-name-as-title', 'one-word-title', 'teenage-girl-as-protagonist', 'overprotective-mother', 'phone-sex'] tt0100031
poster Miss Firecracker 1989 Comedy ['f-rated', 'fireworks', 'beauty-contest', 'mississippi', 'small-town'] tt0097892
poster Immediate Family 1989 Drama ['husband-wife-relationship', 'wanting-to-have-a-child', 'adoption-agency', 'marriage', 'childless-marriage'] tt0097567
poster In Country 1989 Drama, Romance, War ['vietnam-war-veteran', 'car', 'vietnam', 'memorial', 'vietnam-war'] tt0097570
poster Kiki's Delivery Service 1989 Animation, Adventure, Drama, Family, Fantasy ['witch', 'cat', 'studio-ghibli', 'goodwill', 'magic'] tt0097814
poster Getting It Right 1989 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['sex', 'london-england', 'bus', 'satire', 'west-end-london'] tt0097424
poster Missing Link 1988 Adventure ['urination', 'toad', 'ostrich', 'no-dialogue', 'wandering'] tt0095646
poster State Park 1988 Comedy ['caught-naked', 'bare-breasts', 'female-buttocks', 'female-feet', 'teensploitation'] tt0100684
poster Salaam Bombay! 1988 Crime, Drama ['red-light-district', 'lust', 'tea-boy', 'street-scene', 'ganesh-festival'] tt0096028
poster Spellbinder 1988 Drama, Horror, Romance, Thriller ['dagger', 'mysterious-woman', 'female-frontal-nudity', 'coven', 'witch'] tt0096152
poster Crossing Delancey 1988 Comedy, Romance ['screenplay-adapted-by-author', 'new-york-city', 'judaism', 'matchmaking', 'based-on-play'] tt0094921
poster Satisfaction 1988 Comedy, Music, Romance ['bar', 'love', 'summer', 'teenager', 'title-directed-by-female'] tt0096037
poster Me and Him 1988 Comedy, Fantasy ['barefoot-female', 'barefoot-male', 'man-wears-socks', 'male-protagonist', 'german-sex-comedy'] tt0093240
poster Casual Sex? 1988 Comedy ['marilyn-monroe-imitation', 'redhead-woman', 'blonde-woman', 'battle-of-the-sexes', 'desire'] tt0094846
poster Big 1988 Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance ['carnival', 'chopsticks-the-song', 'wish', 'new-york-city', 'body-switching'] tt0094737
poster Chocolat 1988 Drama ['cameroon', 'africa', 'racism', 'colonialism', 'male-nudity'] tt0094868
poster D.O.A. 1988 Mystery, Thriller ['english-professor', 'poison', 'dead-on-arrival', 'neo-noir', 'race-against-time'] tt0094933
poster Cold Steel 1987 Action, Thriller ['police-officer', 'revenge', 'bound-and-gagged', 'bare-chested-male-bondage', 'murder'] tt0092767
poster Siesta 1987 Drama, Mystery, Romance, Thriller ['sex-scene', 'stuntwoman', 'female-protagonist', 'airplane', 'flash-forward'] tt0093969
poster The Allnighter 1987 Comedy, Romance ['panties', 'looking-at-oneself-in-a-mirror', 'teen-sex-comedy', 'premarital-sex', 'breaking-the-fourth-wall'] tt0092537
poster Plain Clothes 1987 Comedy, Mystery, Romance ['f-rated', 'policeman', 'jail', 'jail-visit', 'prison'] tt0095875
poster Near Dark 1987 Action, Crime, Drama, Horror, Romance, Thriller ['vampire', 'cure-for-vampirism', 'horror-directed-by-woman', 'farm', 'rooster-crowing'] tt0093605
poster I've Heard the Mermaids Singing 1987 Comedy, Drama ['triple-f-rated', 'art', 'art-gallery', 'lesbian', 'female-protagonist'] tt0093239
poster Ishtar 1987 Action, Adventure, Comedy, Music, Thriller ['morocco', 'singer', 'cia-agent', 'cold-war', 'friendship-between-men'] tt0093278
poster Lady Beware 1987 Thriller ['kiss', 'voyeur', 'mannequin', 'lust', 'psycho-thriller'] tt0093379
poster Flowers in the Attic 1987 Drama, Mystery, Thriller ['incest', 'uncle-niece-incest', 'girl', 'partial-female-nudity', 'bathtub'] tt0093036
poster Maid to Order 1987 Fantasy, Comedy ['woman-wears-a-gas-mask', 'maid', 'fairy-godmother', 'couple', 'wish'] tt0093476
poster Making Mr. Right 1987 Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi ['female-feet', 'camera-shot-of-feet', 'title-directed-by-female', 'workplace-romance', 'manipulative-woman'] tt0093477
poster Daughter of the Nile 1987 Crime, Drama ['daughter'] tt0093633
poster Sister, Sister 1987 Drama, Mystery, Romance, Thriller ['louisiana', 'secret', 'mansion', 'bed-and-breakfast', 'swamp'] tt0093980
poster 84 Charing Cross Road 1987 Biography, Drama, Romance ['epistolary', 'letter-writing', 'exchanging-letters', 'dictation', 'longing'] tt0090570
poster Anna 1987 Drama ['aging-actress', 'czechoslovakia', 'czech-in-usa', 'czech-abroad', 'female-nudity'] tt0092569
poster Hello Again 1987 Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance ['back-from-the-dead', '1980s', 'life-after-death', 'ends-with-freeze-frame', 'romantic-rivalry'] tt0093175
poster Nobody's Fool 1986 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['pregnancy', 'waitress', 'panties', 'underwear', 'love-triangle'] tt0091642
poster My Little Girl 1986 Drama ['father-daughter-relationship', 'mother-daughter-relationship', 'coming-of-age', 'lawyer', 'homelessness'] tt0091583
poster Jumpin' Jack Flash 1986 Comedy, Romance, Thriller ['computer', 'chainsaw', 'circular-saw', 'pay-phone', 'lyrics'] tt0091306
poster Murphy's Law 1986 Action, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller ['neo-noir', 'female-serial-killer', 'juvenile-delinquent', 'glock', 'cult-film'] tt0091575
poster Desperately Seeking Susan 1985 Comedy, Drama ['neo-screwball-comedy', 'riches-to-rags', 'prince-and-pauper', 'rags-to-riches', 'impostor'] tt0089017
poster Smooth Talk 1985 Drama, Romance, Thriller ['slut', 'female-protagonist', 'f-rated', 'short-shorts', 'implied-rape'] tt0090037
poster The Care Bears Movie 1985 Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Musical ['magician', 'cartoon-bear', 'good-versus-evil', 'evil-book', 'monkey'] tt0088885
poster Three Men and a Cradle 1985 Comedy ['f-rated', 'title-directed-by-female', 'local-blockbuster', 'heroin', 'urination'] tt0090206
poster Real Genius 1985 Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi ['nerd', 'secret-door', 'high-school', 'pool-party', 'science-fair'] tt0089886
poster National Lampoon's European Vacation 1985 Adventure, Comedy ['england', 'woman-in-a-bathtub', 'scantily-clad-female', 'upskirt', 'bare-breasts'] tt0089670
poster Avenging Angel 1985 Action, Crime, Thriller ['female-protagonist', 'teenage-prostitute', 'prostitution', 'hollywood-california', 'law-student'] tt0088757
poster The Official Story 1985 Drama, History, War ['thumb-sucking', 'adopted-daughter', 'school', 'high-school-teacher', 'lawyer'] tt0089276
poster Mrs. Soffel 1984 Drama, Romance ['escape', 'adultery', 'prison-escape', 'f-rated', 'two-word-title'] tt0087751
poster Johnny Dangerously 1984 Comedy, Crime ['1930s', 'newspaper-boy', 'nightclub', 'organized-crime', 'gangster'] tt0087507
poster The Buddy System 1984 Drama, Comedy, Romance ['truant-officer', 'love-triangle', 'inventor', 'mother-son-relationship', 'single-mother'] tt0087006
poster Irreconcilable Differences 1984 Comedy, Drama, Romance ['adultery', '1980s', 'divorce', 'emancipation', 'little-girl'] tt0087482
poster Entre Nous 1983 Biography, Drama, War ['marriage-of-convenience', 'triple-f-rated', 'two-daughters', 'swimming-pool', 'paris-france'] tt0085370
poster Love Letters 1983 Drama, Romance ['sex-with-a-married-man', 'f-rated', 'independent-film', 'woman-in-a-bathtub', 'sex-scene'] tt0085871
poster Valley Girl 1983 Comedy, Romance ['title-directed-by-female', 'valley-girl', 'delivery-boy', 'teen-comedy', 'kiss'] tt0086525
poster Testament 1983 Drama ['nuclear-attack', 'nuclear-war', 'title-directed-by-female', 'neighbor-neighbor-relationship', 'loss-of-father'] tt0086429
poster Silkwood 1983 Biography, Drama, History, Thriller ['radioactivity', 'female-worker', 'boyfriend-girlfriend-relationship', 'nuclear-industry', 'f-rated'] tt0086312
poster Grease 2 1982 Comedy, Drama, Musical, Romance ['diner', 'year-1961', 'sequel', 'title-directed-by-female', 'cult-film'] tt0084021
poster I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can 1982 Biography, Drama ['valium', 'drug-abuse', 'junkie', 'drug-addiction', 'drug-addict'] tt0084111
poster Mommie Dearest 1981 Biography, Drama ['bad-mother', 'abusive-mother', 'wire-hanger', 'abusive-woman', 'narcissism'] tt0082766
poster Private Benjamin 1980 Comedy, War ['female-stockinged-feet', 'pantyhose', 'camera-shot-of-feet', 'suntan-pantyhose', 'female-protagonist'] tt0081375
poster The Mirror Crack'd 1980 Crime, Mystery, Thriller ['woman-murders-a-woman', 'murderess', 'amateur-sleuth', 'strong-female-lead', 'strong-female-character'] tt0081163
poster Rich Kids 1979 Comedy, Drama ['divorce', 'sleep-over', 'tween-girl', 'walking-the-dog', 'waterbed'] tt0079806
poster Moment by Moment 1978 Drama, Romance ['title-song', 'title-in-song', 'title-appears-in-song', 'birthday', 'socialite'] tt0077942
poster One Sings, the Other Doesn't 1977 Drama, History ['feminist-film', 'written-by-director', '1960s', 'year-1962', 'paris-france'] tt0076855
poster L'Innocente 1976 Drama, Romance ['scantily-clad-female', 'topless-female-nudity', 'bare-breasts', 'nudity', 'female-nudity'] tt0074686
poster Seven Beauties 1975 Comedy, Drama, War ['starvation', 'kapo', 'murder-trial', 'insane-asylum', 'nazi-concentration-camp'] tt0075040
poster Funny Girl 1968 Biography, Comedy, Drama, Musical, Romance ['singer', 'female-protagonist', 'husband-wife-relationship', 'actress', 'national-film-registry'] tt0062994
poster Daisies 1966 Comedy ['avant-garde', 'czech-new-wave', 'surrealism', 'feminism', 'absurd-humor'] tt0060959
poster Léon Morin, Priest 1961 Drama, Romance, War ['priest', 'religion', 'theology', 'mother-daughter-relationship', 'atheist'] tt0055082
poster Araya 1959 Documentary ['salt', 'venezuela', 'salt-mine', 'title-directed-by-female', 'third-cinema'] tt0051372
poster Hiroshima Mon Amour 1959 Drama, Romance ['memory', 'atomic-bomb', 'impossible-love', 'nuclear-bomb', 'oblivion'] tt0052893
poster Sudden Fear 1952 Film-Noir, Thriller ['bridge', 'recording', 'reference-to-william-shakespeare', 'reference-to-walter-winchell', 'older-woman-younger-man-relationship'] tt0045205
poster Olivia 1951 Comedy, Drama ['school', 'teenage-girl', 'teacher', 'reference-to-jean-racine', 'reference-to-andromache'] tt0042803
poster Little Women 1949 Drama, Family, Romance ['tomboy', 'writing', 'color-remake-of-black-and-white-film', 'f-rated', '1860s'] tt0041594
poster Meet Me in St. Louis 1944 Comedy, Drama, Family, Music, Romance ['love', 'boy-next-door', 'turn-of-the-century', 'telephone-call', 'streetcar'] tt0037059
poster Personal Belocity None None [] None